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Litecoin [LTC] (scrypt) - Strana 1165 - Benchmark forum Particl teams up with Litecoin to work on cross-chain atomis swaps. define ripple counter Eli5 cryptocurrency - Maja Baja Introduced The Alpha Version Of Atomic Swap Wallet | Bit

27 Nov 2017 Litcoin prices have been surging all month as excitement over atomic swaps grew. Litecoin is seen as a major cog in the push toward atomic cross-chain transactions. That's because every major cryptocurrency can be traded for LTC on the open. Atomic swaps seek to bring interoperability between altcoins  Off to the Races: The 4 Coins Competing for Crypto's Top Spot 28 Oct 2017 Moreover, Litecoin has activated Segregated Witness (SegWit) and deployed Lightning Networks (LN), which significantly improved network's capacity. And the Atomic Swap technology enables Litecoin to be directly exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Vertcoin, and Decred—blockchains that also use atomic  how can i buy ripple xrp 15 Dec 2017 Popular Atomic Swaps So Far. There are few popular atomic swaps that have happened so far some of them are such as:- Decred and Litecoin Atomic Swap happened in September 2017. Just completed the first $DCR <> $LTC cross-chain atomic swap with @SatoshiLite. Huge shout-out for debugging CaptainD. Administrator. Staff member. Jan 4, 2018 · #1. Joined: Dec 27, 2017. Likes: 10. Location: Austin, TX · Jan 4, 2018 · #1 · bitcoin-atomic-swap- This could be good for Bitcoin and Litecoin? Likes: Cryptonaut  Bitcoin to Litecoin Atomic Swap to Address Centralisation Issues

How to Swap Komodo to Litecoin in BarterDEX - an atomic swap 18 Nov 2017 This week, the Lightning Labs development team successfully swapped Bitcoin and Litecoin through its atomic swap channel. The coins changed hands with no transactions being recorded on blockchains. Bitcoin's open protocol. The lightning network is the highly anticipated, second-layer payment Would Like to know how this was done and the story behind it. Homme-libre on Litecoin & Vertcoin Atomic Swap. chapeau bas ! (Well done !) Bryan Goodson moved Litecoin & Vertcoin Atomic Swap lower. Bryan Goodson moved Litecoin & Vertcoin Atomic Swap from Up Next to Completed. Bryan Goodson moved Litecoin  xrp coin wallet 16 Nov 2017 Since the activation of segwit, there's been a renewed excitement around the idea of cross-chain atomic swaps. Up until a few days ago, some old school swaps were set up to trade 1000 Bitcoin, approximately $8M, for a now-defunct altcoin, and a handful of atomic swaps have been successfully performed Gdax to trezor Lisk vs nem -

Opening the doors to a new form of decentralized trading, atomic swaps could replace centralized exchanges almost entirely. 4 Eki 2017 ÇözГјm kripto paralar arasД± anlД±k transfer. Buna da atomic swap (atomik transfer) adД±nД± veriyoruz. Д°lk atomic swap DCR ile LTC kripto paralarД± arasД±nda gerГ§ekleЕџti ve ardД±ndan yine LTC kurucusu Charlie Lee Bitcoin ile atomic swap gerГ§ekleЕџtirdiДџini aГ§Д±kladД±. Atomic Swap TanД±mД±: Atomik Г§apraz zincir takaslarД± 27 Dec 2017 On September 19th, 2017, Decred and Litecoin completed the first ever cross-chain atomic swap. This day marks a significant step for the evolution of cryptocurrency — allowing users to conduct truly… vodka ripple recipe 20 Jan 2018 1 thought on “Litecoin Atomic Swap BarterDEX”. Daniel G says: January 20, 2018 at 9:27 pm. i don't understand how this is different to swapping on an exchange though? Reply Riccardo Spagni , псевдоним FluffyPony, РѕРґРёРЅ РёР· создателей блокчейна Monero, недавно РѕР±СЉСЏРІРёР», что РѕРЅ работает СЃ Litecoin для реализации протокола Lightning Network РІ Monero Рё для обеспечения atomic swaps РІ транзакциях между обеими сетями. Р’ твитте РѕС‚ 29 сентября РІС‹ можете прочитать, как  Litecoin atomic swap - Jordens Vanner

Developers Complete First-Ever Atomic Swap Between Litecoin and Litecoin News — Litecoinnews.io20 Oct 2014 Cryptocurrencies are great for decentralised payments. Once you have bitcoin you can pay arbitrary destinations without the need to trust in, or get the approval of, any third party. But what about if you want to exchange your bitcoin for something else, say another cryptocurrency? This normally means  how to mine with litecoin 9 Oct 2017 Atomic swaps allow two parties to transact between two blockchains in a trustless manner without counterparty risk. So far only a few altcoins have performed this function with bitcoin; including currencies like litecoin, decred, and vertcoin. On October 7th the Altcoin Exchange development team processed 20 set. 2017 Decred anunciou suporte para atomic swaps on-chain, que permitirГЎ que os detentores de criptomoedas fazem a troca diretamente, sem ter que precisar Litecoin slack - Efficient-Link

25 Sep 2017 Decred and Litecoin completed something called a cross-chain atomic swap a few days ago. They published a blog about it, created a GitHub repo with utilities and talked about it on my show. In this… Atomic swaps are not just some big theory, transactions with lightening speed between Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC & cryptocurrencies, cryptotraders, miners, hodlers, and blockchain enthusiasts is here! Not Sold In Stores - Consider a larger size if a loose fit is preferred. Grab one as a gift for any Bitcoin Crypto Lover.A sporty hoodie with a soft inside. The iconic zip hoodie you see Silicon Valley big shots wearing - the understated yet classic look, giving off a youthful vib. ripple junction size chart 5 Nov 2017 It has been a rather eventful week for Bitcoin Cash in many ways. The altcoin saw a massive pump artificially inflate its price. Behind the scenes, developers completed the first atomic swap involving this currency. An interesting turn of events, as it seems Bitcoin Cash beats Bitcoin to the punch in this regard.Xmr to btc - Faxe Gospel 15 Oct 2017 Atomic swaps are very popular amidst cryptocurrencies at this moment. From the successful swap between Decred and Litecoin, we have noticed similar projects focus on Ethereum and Bitcoin. Among all of this is Viacoin, an altcoin which is involving itself in cross-chain atomic swaps. A new feature has 

Command line. Separate command line utilities are provided to handle the transactions required to perform a cross-chain atomic swap for each supported blockchain. For a swap between Bitcoin and Decred, the two utilities btcatomicswap and dcratomicswap are used. Both tools must be used by both parties performing the  10 Nov 2017 - 11 minRoger Ver & Bitcoin Cash. Why? - Vercoin Decred and Litecoin Atomic Swaps. broad ripple park A major breakthrough occurred in September 2017, as the first successful atomic swap occurred between Decred and Litecoin. Per the Decred project's Twitter announcement: 15 Oct 2017 Atomic swaps are all the rage among cryptocurrencies right now, by the looks of things. After a successful swap between Litecoin and Decred, we have seen similar projects focus on Ethereum and Bitcoin. Amid all of this is Viacoin, an altcoin which also wants to get involved in cross-chain atomic swaps. 20 Nov 2017 Segregated Witness solution, released in August this year, has brought many exciting functions for Bitcoin, namely atomic swaps and Lightning Network. The latter is a network outside the chain which, among other things, can help reduce the load on the main Bitcoin blockchain. Billions of transactions can 

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2 Oct 2017 Riccardo Spagni, alias FluffyPony, uno de los creadores de la blockchain Monero, anunciГі recientemente que se encuentra trabajando de la mano de Litecoin para implementar al 100% el protocolo Lightning Network en Monero y asГ­ habilitar intercambios atГіmicos de transacciones entre ambas redes. Segwit coin - Au coeur des saveursIs it worth to buy the Coin right now Or after the swap - WorldPass ripples on the water whitestone ny BarterDEX Demo HUSH Atomic Swap17 Dec 2017 That is to be expected, as this concept removes the need for centralized exchanges altogether. One of the biggest challenges to overcome is finding ways to trade value across different blockchains which may not be natively compatible with one another. The first atomic swap between Bitcoin Cash and  6 Jan 2018 Litecoin is one of the better known cryptocurrencies in the world. It was created as a fork of the bitcoin network to offer faster transactions and cheaper fees. Charlie Lee, its founder, has been working hard with an experienced developer team in order to offer a good quality currency.

That's why Alice and Bob set up an atomic swap. Atomic swaps utilize a clever trick known as a hash time-locked contract, which in turn leverages the potential of multisignature addresses and time-locks. All this is enabled by the basic scripting language found in Bitcoin and most altcoins, including Litecoin and Decred. 16 Dec 2017 On October 7th 2017, completed the first Ethereum to Bitcoin atomic swap. Building upon Decred's success (using Decred's open-sourced git repository) transferred 0.12345 ETH for 0.12345 BTC. All previous atomic swaps had taken place on the same blockchain, but this was a swap Litecoin multisig whats going on in broad ripple tonight 19 Nov 2017 Lightning Labs has successfully tested its first cross-chain atomic swap between the Bitcoin and Litecoin testnets.5 Jan 2018 We're holding on to our original Litecoin price prediction as news of Litecoin atomic swaps makes us hopeful of LTC prices in 2018. Here's the full story. Will litecoin continue to rise - Party Var

With Litecoin joining the Lightning network, users will soon be able to participate in what is known as Atomic Cross-Chain Trading or Atomic Swaps for short. Imagine Alice needs to pay Bob. Without Atomic Swaps, if Bob has a bitcoin wallet and Alice only has Litecoin, she would need to first exchange her Litecoin into  23 Sep 2017 On September 19, the developers behind Litecoin and Decred successfully completed the first-ever cross-blockchain atomic swap involving.Best vertcoin exchange xrp hose 2 Jan 2018 Set up an acount a Coinbase and Get $10 2. Check Out How I am Making Money With Bitcoin Why we need Litecoin Atomic Swaps. We are faced with more and more regulation in the cryptocurrency market. Isn't this one of the reasons for the Essentially, atomic swaps are a way for people to swap cryptocurrencies directly with one another without incurring any transaction fees, and without having to rely on a Bitcoin exchange or another third party to do so. Atomic swaps are very exciting in the cryptocurrency community because they make every cryptocurrency  12 Dec 2017 Atomic swap is an instantaneous exchange of 2 different cryptocurrencies, recently achieved with Decred and Litecoin, Why is this important to crypto users?

Test atomic swap Bitcoina i Litecoina zakoЕ„czyЕ‚ siД™ sukcesem. Posted by Redakcja | Lis 18, 2017 | Bitcoin News, News. Test atomic swap Bitcoina i Litecoina zakoЕ„czyЕ‚ siД™ sukcesem. W tym tygodniu zespГіЕ‚ programistГіw Lightning Labs z powodzeniem dokonaЕ‚ wymiany Bitcoina i Litecoina za pomocД… metody atomic swap. 10 Jan 2017 Lightning promises to drastically cut Bitcoin transaction fees, which now stand at a not inconsiderable 0.17 cents per transaction for one that should clear within the next block. An atomic exchange is where the BTC/LTC transaction happens instantaneously without the need for an intermediate holding stage 15 Jan 2018 Buy, Sell, Trade & Accept Bitcoin & Altcoin Payments. В© 2018 | All rights reserved. Trademarks & brands are the property of their respective owners. Use of these names,trademarks & brands does not imply endorsement. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! litecoin mining software 18 Lis 2017 MiД™dzywalutowy atomic swap jest formД… transakcji w ktГіrej strony wymieniajД… siД™ kryptowalutami bez poЕ›rednictwa instytucji typu gieЕ‚da czy kantor. Jak to jest moЕјliwe? Mechanizm moЕјe dziaЕ‚aД‡ na zasadzie trustless (bez zaufanych poЕ›rednikГіw) oraz natywnie (uЕјywajД…c istniejД…cych w monetach 12 Jan 2018 A relatively new piece of technology, atomic cross-chain trading is looking to revolutionize the way in which users transact with each other. For example, if Alice owned 5 Bitcoins but instead wanted 100 Litecoins, she would have to go through an exchange, i.e. a third-party. However, with atomic swaps,  Buying vertcoin directly with aud -


This t-shirt is everything you've dreamed of and more. It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for both. 26 Nov 2017 Atomic swaps are operational with Lightening Networks. Altcoins (like Litecoin, Zcash, Dodgecoin) built on bitcoin core technology transferring cryptocurrency using hash time locked contract. Charlie Lee did a cross chain atomic swaps with Litecoin to Bitcoin, Litecoin to Vertcoin, and Litecoin to Decred.7 Nov 2017 Key Advantages of Litecoin vs. Bitcoin. Here are a few key advantages of Litecoin over Bitcoin: Faster transaction times; Less expensive transactions; First to successfully implement Lightning network for instant, zero-fee transactions; First to complete a cross-chain atomic swap (with Decred); In the process  ripple reduction techniques Today we're excited to announce the first ever Lightning cross-chain swap from Bitcoin to Litecoin! . (The Blockstream professor) that Its not safe to hold lots of money in a LN wallet as your channel can be compromised letting a hacker drain it out. I would say its off chain and in LN channels/nodes/hubs. Not #bitcoin.18 Dec 2017 Atomic Swaps is the ability to perform instant cross-chain transactions. In other words, you'll be able to trade one coin for another without an exchange. This technology is being actively developed, as evidenced by on-chain AS swaps done via Litecoin/Decred/Vertcoin/Bitcoin earlier this year, and brings  10 Oct 2017 Altcoin Exchange, a decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform announced on October 7, 2017, that it has successfully executed the first atomic transfer between Bitcoin and Ethereum. This in line with recent successful swaps between Bitcoin and few other altcoins like litecoin, verticoin, decred and 

18 Jan 2018 The last few months have been very exciting for atomic swap and its impact on the blockchain community. Companies like Komodo, Litecoin, Vertcoin and Decred have all successfully implemented atomic swaps, and many of us can say that Charlie Lee's announcement of the Litecoin/Bitcoin atomic swap  4 Oct 2017 it is my understanding (someone please correct me if I'm wrong), atomic swaps between bitcoin, litecoin etc are based on segwit. Thus, if your favorite chain doesn't support segwit, you can't join their club. Other solutions (and there are many!) are using their own chain to do it. While others, like tenx, are Altcoin paper wallet - Brussels Grand Prix ripple effect meaning 11 Sep 2017 This is where 'atomic swaps' come in. Atomic swaps use the Lightning Network to form a bridge between different currencies, by forming channels across blockchains. The middle man and payment processor can have both Bitcoin and Litecoin channels open. Using the same technology described above, 18 Dec 2017 The most famous hack came from Mt. Gox when the world's largest Bitcoin Exchange crumbled losing $400 million in Bitcoin which would be worth $16 billion today. All told 850,000 Bitcoins were involved as the trading platform went bankrupt and closed shop. More recently one of the largest mining  An atomic swap is a proposed feature in cryptocurrencies, that allows for the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency without the need for a trusted third party. In traditional cryptocurrencies a trusted third party such as an exchange is necessary to perform a swap of cryptocurrencies in order to prevent one 

This should also facilitate atomic swaps of Tethers between the Omni on Bitcoin and Omni on Litecoin chains. Auditors. We are aware of online discussions about Tether's lack of publicly-available audits. Periodic audits of our bank balances have been performed by the Taiwan-based auditing firm TOPSUN CPAs & Co. Initial-At any time Atomic Cross-Blockchain Swap Between Litecoin 18 Nov 2017 Atomic swaps are now happening and that is a great development for cryptocurrency. A fair amount of developers are spending a lot of time enabling these transactions and making them available to cryptocurrency users. There are quite a few old-school techniques that most users have adopted in order to  rippl tv kodi Coinbase stratis[Breaking News] Litecoin Up 12% Due To Successful Atomic Swap Litecoin transfer fees

17 Nov 2017 Exchange Launches GUI Atomic Swap Alpha Wallet During the first week of October, reported on the successful bitcoin and ethereum atomic swap completed by the Exchange development team. There's been a lot of atomic swap action happening lately between  5 Dec 2017 Atomic swaps on the Lightning Network could be a major breakthrough in rapid, secure, and cheap transactions between blockchain-based crytpocurrencies.17 Nov 2017 Fromknecht managed to trade Bitcoin for Litecoin on the testnet using LN's off-chain payment channel feature. In other words, performed a LN version of atomic swaps. The ability to swap currencies instantly using Lightning offers a number of benefits, such as instant settlement, improved privacy, and low  broad ripple townhomes We all know that this obviously means being able to swap bitcoin for litecoin & vise versa without the need for using fiat as the middle man, butEthereum wallet gui - Iron House CrossFit Lightning Labs Performs Instant Atomic Swap Between Litecoin

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18 РЅРѕСЏ 2017 в—™My Bitconnect/USI-TECH Investment spreadsheet - Social Media в—™Please like my Facebook Page to share Litecoin price prediction 2017Litecoin lightning network date - la croche ripple interview Atomic Swap is an agreement between two separate blockchains, in this case we are talking about Bitcoin and Litecoin… by gegec.11 Jan 2018 Atomic comes from the computer science and it means indivisible so an atomic cross chain swap means that it's a transaction that occurred effectively in a coupled way on both blockchains . Example: I am selling my Bitcoin and buying Litecoin from another peer ( unknown individual ) and we do 2  22 Dec 2017 Earlier this week BarterDEX demonstrated an atomic swap between Bitcoin Cash and Komodo via its decentralized platform. This move represents one of the most significant steps yet in the development of systems that could very well revolutionize all aspects of cryptocurrency use and adoption.

How high will ltc go Ltc testnet faucet4 Oct 2017 Technologies like atomic swaps are making possible a world where many cryptocurrencies will rule. You can't send Dash to the Bitcoin blockchain, nor can you send Bitcoin to the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchains are like a bunch of incompatible LAN's. The only way to convert from one cryptocurrency  ethereum pending transactions 16 Nov 2017 The Lightning Labs development team successfully swapped testnet bitcoin for testnet litecoin through a lightning channel this week: ownership of the coins changed hands, while no transaction was recorded on either blockchain. "Previous atomic swaps that I have done were on-chain, and had the 16 Jul 2017 Litecoin Core: release 0.13.3, Rebase Litecoin to Bitcoin Core 0.14.1; M Addresses: switch Litecoin's p2sh address prefix from '3' to 'M'; Android Wallet: relaunch our Android wallet; Lightning Network: building out the infrastructure for lightning network on Litecoin, cross chain atomic swap between Litecoin  Coinbase stratis - Jimmy vintage & friends

Litecoin projects - Palazzo Coli Bizzarrini Eli5 cryptocurrency - Donativos Ambientales Ford23 hours agoMonero (XMR) project lead Riccardo Spagni and Litecoin (LTC) creator Charlie Lee met this mining ethereum youtube Litecoin & Monero: Is a Merger Likely to Happen? - Tokenradar244 Jan 2018 This is a big deal because rather than relying on large third party exchanges, investors can simply exchange between cryptocurrencies through a decentralized network, lowering fees, and quickening response times. Because Litecoin is built off of Bitcoin's architecture, implementation of atomic swaps  19 nov 2017 Gli scambi off-chain con atomic swap tra Bitcoin e criptovalute possono essere la nuova soluzione per eliminare controparti come gli exchages. Scopri qui.

1 day ago Litecoin and Monero Partnership - LTC XMR Atomic Swap cryptocurrency coin news. Which is most beneficial to the Vertcoin Community donations toRE: On-chain Atomic Swap - Litecoin, Vertcoin, Decred by santoshlyf where to buy xrp in usa Litecoin segwit adoptionCould Monero and Litecoin Eventually See an On-Chain Atomic Swap? Alex on January 27, 2018. They seem to be the talk of the town today. Riccardo Spagni the head developer at Monero (XMR) and Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin seem to be interested in a potential collaboration. This was all started yesterday when  Viacoin Developers Total Atomic Swap With Litecoin – The Merkle

Atomic Swaps are a type of cryptocurrency trading technology that could vastly improve the overall usefulness of cryptocurrency. Today, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are exceptionally popular – but they're not interoperable. The goal of atomic swaps is to create interoperability between altcoins and bitcoin. Litecoin segwit date17 Nov 2017 The first ever off-chain atomic swap between Bitcoin and Litecoin has been successfully completed, according to news sources. The swap is particularly important because it was made off chain, meaning that ownership of the coins changed hands, but there was no transaction recorded on either Blockchain  ripple price api 19 May 2017 In the last month, several groups actively began testing the off-chain payment solution, originally designed for bitcoin, on the litecoin network. But, with an eye on the bigger picture, Lee indicated that he sees Lightning as setting the stage for another long anticipated technology: atomic cross-chain swaps.20 Jan 2018 A relatively new piece of technology, atomic cross-chain trading is looking to revolutionize the way in which users transact with each other. For example, if Alice owned 5 Bitcoins but instead wanted 100 Litecoins, she would have to go through an exchange, i.e. a third-party. However, with atomic swaps,  7 Jan 2018 Daily Litecoin News Update It is ironic that Bitcoin, Litecoin, and all of their counterparts, which are built on a decentralized blockchain technology, today trade on centralized exchanges. But what if I tell you that you could soon trade Litecoin for Bitcoin and vice versa without having to deal with these 

neverxpected42 in bitcoin. Well guys it's happened! As far as I know these trials are the first time the swap has occurred even though it's been discussed since back to 2013: ?topic=2003765#msg2003765. For those of you who don't know what Atomic Swap is or about this article  17 РЅРѕСЏ 2017 Блокчейн-компания Lightning Labs успешно совершила атомарный СЃРІРѕРї между тестовыми сетями биткоина Рё Litecoin без регистрации транзакции РЅР° РѕР±РѕРёС… Lightning cross-chain atomic swaps (or вљЎ в›“ in emoji) is the next step in my vision on how crypto-currency scale can scale to 7B people.From my understanding a hash timelock function trade or atomic swap involves 2 transactions one separate blockchains. The BTC user named Bob is making a trade with Alice for her LTC. Assuming its a 1 to 1 trade and neither party trusts one another. User bob makes a btc transaction sending his coin to  ripple news update "Look what I can do" -Decred "Show me your atomic swap." -Litecoin I was alerted tonight by @jimmysong Follow @jimmysong that Charlie Lee Follow @SatoshiLite w.Lightning Network Makes First Cross-Chain Atomic Swap from 7 Aug 2017 Litecoin is boring and will slowly but surely moon. Have patience. — Charlie Lee [LTC] (@SatoshiLite) August 6, 2017. Additionally, Litecoin is involved in atomic swap projects. It seems a lot of other coins want to allow instant trades between their currency and LTC. Cross-chain atomic swaps may 

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22 Nov 2017 You suddenly need Litecoin, because Bitcoin transactions are very expensive and the like. You do not want to register on the exchange, the Litecoin slot machine is out of reach or you just do not have an instant access to Litecoin. Therefore, there is “atomic swap”. Which is the exchange of cryptocurrency Blog – Tagged "atomic swap" – Crypto Dealer
13 Jun 2016 Forgot about Litecoin: 2 weeks chart on Litecoin it's collapsed off of its heights significantly. [image]24 Dec 2017 Atomic swaps are rapidly becoming popular in digital currency because they help overcome one of the problems of digital currency trading across multiple platforms that facilitate centralized exchanges.