Adhi Abbasi owns and runs one of the most popular relocation services in West Jakarta, Indonesia. Adhi is extremely outspoken on his blog about everything relocation services and sometimes personal stuff as well. He writes on his blog whatever is on his mind, whether it is good or bad for his business or personal reputation. For example, he made a post on his blog three weeks ago stating that he has been making more money betting with a Sbobet Alternative Site (Situs Alternatif Sbobet) for the past 6 months now than he has been doing with his relocation services business.

Adhi brags both on his blog and on his relocation services’ official website that his company never damaged a product of any of the clients in the past 8 years of their history of business.

Adhi writes on his blog that one can’t afford to be rude in the relocation services business and be able to survive in the business at the same time, especially when you don’t have an Uncle Sam or Aunt Martha to give you all their inheritence or huge Rupiah from time-to-time.

Adhi loves to travel to Goa from time to time and spend a lot of his money on those sexy North Goa escorts. He claims to have traveled around the world but never found the quality of escorts as good as it is in the North Goa.

Adhi is also a black belt in Martial Arts, and he regularly keeps posting his pictures with his black belt regularly on his blog and then adds that he doesn’t believe in flaunting his belt or that he is a black belt, but he keeps posting those, because those are some of his best memories. This reminds me of the once WCW President – Eric Bischoff, who also happens to be a black belt in the martial arts, who keeps posting his pictures holding or wearing his black belt on social media, time-to-time and bragged about himself being a black belt in Martial Arts, but then says that he cannot recall when he last posted a picture with his black belt or the last time when he told someone that he is a black belt in martial arts.

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