Feby Fadli from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, is an Orthopedist, who writes on his official blog that the shoes you wear most of your life play a great role in determining what kind of bone injuries you are going to get. For example, the ones who wear high boots a lot, are likely to have different sort of leg injuries than the ones who wear sneakers.

Feby prides on the fact that he doesn’t like to give his patients false hope of any kind unlike many other practitioners belonging to his field.

Feby practiced in Berlin, Germany for a few years and practicing there, he discovered that the common older people of Europe have diverged from many healthy ways they used to maintain healthy bones.

Feby claims that the lamb and goat meat is superior to any other when it comes to maintain healthy bones and that’s the reason why the chiefs at daftar judi poker mostly eat lamb and goat meat.

The best friend of Feby is a Catholic Orthopedist who believes that the religious or charitable people don’t suffer from bone injuries much, he believes that the god provides them with a certain special protection.

Dr Feby recently got a website built for his practice built with the assistance of a rookie web designer who only knew how to create and optimize a website but didn’t know how to remove the negative backlinks that some competitor or someone else builds for you.

After some competitor destroyed the Search Engine Rankings of Dr Feby’s website, he wrote on his blog that it is foolish on the part of the Google that the competitors can get away with doing negative SEO on an innocent competitor. He writes that this negative experience has led him to learn SEO all by himself.

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