Warramet Punpan from Mueang Chiang Rai, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who advises on his blog that whether putting the company name at the beginning of the title is a good practice or at the end of the title is a big argument with both the sides having their own merits and disadvantages. He adds that it is surprising that nobody argues whether the brand name is best put in the middle just like fun88 did and created the biggest brand ever in the world of online Thai gambling industry.

Warramet Punpan writes that many individuals, companies and even SEO companies believe that if they keep the title too long, but unique and enriched with their keywords, they will be able to rank on all those keywords and also make it look good and friendly to the search engines. He writes that it is a very bad practice which has to be avoided. He claims that the search engines boycott reading title tags longer than 70 characters.

Warramet Punpan writes that title tags, meta description and meta keywords, all three are equally important for the search engine rankings and visibility. He adds that there is no superior one out of the three, all three are equally important.

Warramet Punpan claims that 60 characters are perfect for your title tags to be brandish and search engine friendly.

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