Ara Shirani from Shiraz, Iran, is an author and gambler who recently completed writing a book on the Carolingian Empire. In her book, Ara writes that the Frankish King Charlemagne, who happened to be the first ruler of the Carolingian Empire was crowned by the Pope Leo III, not in an effort to transfer the Roman Empire from the east to the west, but rather because Pope Leo III didn’t want to be exposed. She claims that the Frankish King Charlemagne knew things about Pope Leo III which could have hurt him badly and he would often threaten Pope Leo III with those.

Ara believes that if it weren’t for the Prince Charles Martel, the Arabs would have conquered all of Europe long ago including Russia.

Ara writes in her book that it was one of Charles the Martel’s dream to conquer the modern day Russia and Eurasian Steppe but he failed to do so because he was always constantly busy with other important things.

Ara writes that the Frankish King Charlemagne was greatly inspired by the Ancient Indian King Ashoka and his predecessor and father – King Chandragupta Maurya.

Ara writes that it is wrongly claimed that Aachen was the Carolingian Empire’s symbolic capital. She claims that Aachen was instead the actual capital of the Carolingian Empire.

Ara claims that the Emperor Charlemagne was never a model Knight or a paragon of chivalry, but rather it were his sychophants who made him appear like that.

Ara claims that the feudalism existed everywhere in the world before the Carolingian Empire came into existence. She writes that it is wrongly said that the Carolingian Empire was the beginning of the feudalism.

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