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Ripple (XRP) Current price: US$0.22. Market cap: US$8.8 billion CoinMarketCap ranking: #4. Circulating supply: 38.6 billion XRP. A Truly Divisive Altcoin. Depending on who you ask, you can gain vastly different impressions of Ripple (XRP). Some people view it as the future of banking, set to revolutionise the way we send 

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25 Dec 2017Ripple XRP is probably the most difficult cryptocurrency to do a price prediction about. It's

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Ripple Forum • View topic - XRP price prediction ?

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24 Dec 2017 New Ripple Price Predictions for next 7 years. There's been a lot of speculation on how big Ripple can get. In October of this year, The Wall Street Journal pegged Ripple to hit $1,046.00 by 2020. A new prediction has Ripple hitting $8,000 by 2025… Buy XRP on Binance