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Jun 17, 2017 Here you will see the list of all exchanges with Ripple (XRP) quantity they are offering. Choose the best exchange to convert Bitcoin (BTC) to Ripple (XRP) or choose the one recommended by us. Provide your Ripple (XRP) wallet address and also must enter the destination tag if you wallet provides.

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Oct 31, 2017 With Ripple, they aim to create a new payment infrastructure that improves reliability and speed while reducing the cost. Ripple Website To store your XRP you will need a wallet which can hold it, the “official” wallet is Gatehub – an online service you can signup for to generate an address. You are able to  ripple effect new orleans

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Im sorry guys.. Millions asking me how to buy ripple What wallet? Can buy with ringgit? Can discount or not? Can pay with bitcoin? Why the price more higher? Why the price different? What is ripple potential? . Its simple guys.. learn n google how buy bitcoin or ethereum first. then with bitcoin and ethereum u can buy 

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ripple and swirl cafe 6 days ago Making a paper wallet is simple; you only need a computer and a printer. This guide will specifically look at how to create paper wallets for Ripple XRP, Stellar XLM, as well as any ERC20 tokens, such as Tron TRX or EOS. The procedure is the same for most cryptocurrencies though, so you should be able 

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XRP support is now available: -announces-xrp-support-on-nano-s-and-blue-4101eaef0a9f.