The synthetic dream foundation glittered ripples from the depths

Mechanical Serpent by The Synthetic Dream Foundation, released 06 July 2012 1. Glittered Ripples From the Depths 2. Invoking the Beast 3. Auf Dem See (serpentine mix) 4. On Whom the Dreadful Claw 5. The Spectre's Masquerade 6. The One Eyed Maiden 7. Puzzlebox (mechanism mix) 8. Ascent to Heaven's Eye 9.

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Industrial music video from The Synthetic Dream Foundation http

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The Crystalline Effect – Do Not Open (The Synthetic Dream Foundation Remix). 5:40. The Synthetic Dream Foundation – Cerce's Armoured Owls. 3:43. The Synthetic Dream Foundation – Glittered Ripples From The Depths. 4:38. The Synthetic Dream Foundation – On Whom The Dreadful Claw. 5:08. The Synthetic Dream 

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Exocet ~ Stange Influence Dazzling Malicious ~ Dissident Orphyx ~ Animus Ah Coma Sotz ~ Yarkulh Geomatic ~ The Bliss. Sprite – – – *Synthetic Dream Foundation ~ Glittered Ripples From The Depths Deadliner ~ Finally, Sky Mlada Fronta ~ KLM *Chainreactor ~ X-Termination Acylum ~ Breivik (Project Rrratic Mix)

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Скачать и слушать The Synthetic Dream Foundation-Glittered

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Den Song "Eine Schöne Ruine" jetzt als kostenloses Video ansehen. Außerdem: Mehr Infos zu The Synthetic Dream Foundation und dem Album "Behind The Gates Of Horn And Ivory"