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Adam Lowry, Mandy Cabot and Kirsten Tobey: Successful Impact

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Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry were childhood friends who started a business together. Then it got crazy. They discuss building Method, the innovative homecare company, out of the dirtiest bachelor pad in San Francisco, and why both got the itch to start-up a second time, Eric with Olly Nutrition, and Adam with Ripple Foods.

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Ripple Pea Milk has many things to recommend it, but let's get the questions on everyone's minds out of the way first: 1 No, it does not taste like peas. 2 It is not green. According to co-founders Neil Renninger, Ph.D., and Adam Lowry, “We decided to shake things up and create a new product from the standpoint of nutrition.

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16 Jun 2017 cow milks ferment differently than plant milks. Ripple has figured it out, but its Greek yogurt "doesn't taste exactly like yogurt," Fast Company says. What's next? Maybe ice cream, Ripple says. "Anywhere you have a plant-based protein is a space we could potentially play," says Ripple CEO Adam Lowry.