Male nipples and clitoral ripples

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Oct 9, 2011 Stephen Jay Gould addressed this in an essay in Bully for Brontosaurus called "Male Nipples and Clitoral Ripples". Sometimes characteristics appear because they're a side effect of some other adaptation or development process and simply can't be explained by a direct "just so story" of their own. We're 

ripple price in 5 years View eeb 120 week 10 from EEB 120 at UCLA. Week 10 Writing Assignment Name: Erwin Feng_ Male Nipples and Clitoral Ripples (Gould 1991 Bully for Brontosaurus) This weeks assignment is a.

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Summaries and Excerpts: Bully for brontosaurus : reflections in

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Aug 20, 2012 In the anatomy of mammals, a nipple or mammary papilla is a small projection of skin containing the outlets for 15-20 lactiferous ducts arranged cylindrically around the tip. The skin of the Stephen Jay Gould, "Male Nipples and Clitoral Ripples", in Adam's Navel and Other Essays, London: Penguin, 1995.