Does naruto and hinata ever hook up

does naruto and hinata ever hook up
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Naruto - Sakura vs Hinata - Who Should Naruto End Up With?

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DESCRIPTION: As it was because of his parents' death by Kurama's attack that he suffered a miserable childhood, Iruka Umino initially found it awkward to become does naruto and hinata ever hook up teacher to Naruto, before eventually deciding to be strict with the boy so he could work harder and reach his potential. People say that Naruto and Sasuke will end up together even though that how to know if a girl is flirting the weirdest and craziest idea i have ever heard or he will end up with hinita or sakura. No one can say for sure. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, when he was weakened by the Ten-Tailsaware that Naruto was always alone, Shikamaru believed Naruto needed an intelligent brother figure, like Tobirama was to Hashiramaby his side, and resolved to gook Naruto's adviser when he becomes Hokage so he would never have to be alone again..

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who does naruto,sakura and sasuke end up with? - Naruto Shippuuden Answers - Fanpop

As his confidence was restored, Naruto thanked Hinata and admitted to himself how he'd never be able to thank Neji enough for everything he had done. Your idea just backfired because Sasuke and Naruto will happen! SO for that arguments sake, think of something better. Regaining himself, Naruto thanks Hinata for being by his side, takes her hand, and transfers chakra to her and the rest of the Allied Forces. I don't have anything against SasuHina, but let's face it: Even though he and Naruto had a rough start when they first met, Konohamaru Sarutobi is the second person to acknowledge Naruto as he is.

Spoiler below about The Last: Naruto the Movie.

does naruto and hinata ever hook up
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With Sakura as the lead medic,Hinata as the Hyuuga head though i do like Hanabi more ,Sasuke as the Uchiha head and e. However, driven to save her captured sister and destroy the Tenseigan , Hinata, after giving the red scarf to Naruto, left with Toneri and pretended to accept his offer, much to Naruto's shock and confusion when she said goodbye to him..

  • By the time Naruto learned of this, he was attacked by Itachi when the Akatsuki sent him and Kisame Hoshigaki to capture him. After Naruto saved Sakura from being killed by Sasuke and voiced his resolve that he would shoulder Sasuke's hatred as a friend even if both were to die, she was touched by Naruto's determination, for he had again given her hope that there may still be a happy ending for Team 7..
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I hate sasusaku because they don't connect to me but If Sasuke was hetrosexual not that I am saying hes homosexual he would end up with Sakura seeing if he doesn't die. Good comment above, but 1 thing, Naruto found Haku attractive because he looks like a Girl!.

  • Sep 1, - Originally Answered: When does Naruto love Hinata? Naruto stood up for her. .. Kishimoto's sins were forgiven when they DID get together in The Last.:).In which episode did Naruto ask Hinata out?
  • Ever since then, Hinata developed a strong admiration towards Naruto, and As he left, she vowed to become stronger, and to work as hard as he did. . Iruka understood Naruto's loneliness and went out of his way to connect with the boy.

Clarification from Anf Last. Spoilers Naruto Shippuden, I have a couple questions. Sakura in time will find someone else to share her love with I do not think it will be Sasuke though, it has nothing to do with the 2x he tried to kill her though that does factor in, its more of how he feels about her, he has never shown an interest in her and doubt that will change even if he were to return to the hidden leaf. When Naruto is does naruto and hinata ever hook up to attend Himawari's birthday party due to work and sent a shadow clone as a stand-in, which ended up dropping the birthday cake, Boruto, enraged at i only like a handful of people from the town im from father for missing his own daughter's birthday party, vented his anger to his mother, Hinata. Sakura asks Naruto why it matters if the scarf gets wet to which Naruto replies that it is a big deal because the scarf doed a lot to him. Read between the lines. Not upp mention everyone forgets that Sasuke tried to kill Sakura.

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