Sbobet is the true secret behind several million dollar fortunes in Indonesia – Alwan Arikna

Alwan Arikna from Semarang, Indonesia, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert who writes on his blog that run-of-site links are responsible for the de-indexation of more websites than the link farms.

Alwan writes that fortunately enough, even the rookie buyers nowadays are smart enough to understand that link farms are something bad and to be avoided.

Alwan claims that you can’t trust websites like, , or anymore to know the traffic of a website belonging to someone else.

Alwan claims to know several misguided people who deliberately write bait press releases just because they were told a couple of advantages of the same, like, bait press releases can convert rookie prospects and because the people coming to your site after reading a bait press release are mostly determined to never come back, it creates unique traffic to your website which is very helpful for the SEO of a website.

Alwan disagrees with those who claim that once a month is the perfect time period for writing a press release, he believes that once a week is rather the perfect.

Alwan believes ‘Rich Site Summary’ is the true definition of RSS just like he believes Sbobet is the true secret behind several million dollar fortunes in Indonesia.

Alwan writes that when it comes to writing a press release, it is a tough affair to not sound like an ad and use the keywords in the title at the same time but you can really do it if you are well-versed in the art of writing and/or have a creative mind.

Alwan estimates that the number of third-party press release websites have gone down by 70% in the past 8 years, the reason being obvious declining popularity of the press release websites.

Author and Gambler is obsessed with the Carolingian Empire and Football Prediction 2

Ara Shirani from Shiraz, Iran, is an author and gambler who recently completed writing a book on the Carolingian Empire. In her book, Ara writes that the Frankish King Charlemagne, who happened to be the first ruler of the Carolingian Empire was crowned by the Pope Leo III, not in an effort to transfer the Roman Empire from the east to the west, but rather because Pope Leo III didn’t want to be exposed. She claims that the Frankish King Charlemagne knew things about Pope Leo III which could have hurt him badly and he would often threaten Pope Leo III with those.

Ara believes that if it weren’t for the Prince Charles Martel, the Arabs would have conquered all of Europe long ago including Russia.

Ara writes in her book that it was one of Charles the Martel’s dream to conquer the modern day Russia and Eurasian Steppe but he failed to do so because he was always constantly busy with other important things.

Ara writes that the Frankish King Charlemagne was greatly inspired by the Ancient Indian King Ashoka and his predecessor and father – King Chandragupta Maurya.

Ara writes that it is wrongly claimed that Aachen was the Carolingian Empire’s symbolic capital. She claims that Aachen was instead the actual capital of the Carolingian Empire.

Ara claims that the Emperor Charlemagne was never a model Knight or a paragon of chivalry, but rather it were his sychophants who made him appear like that.

Ara claims that the feudalism existed everywhere in the world before the Carolingian Empire came into existence. She writes that it is wrongly said that the Carolingian Empire was the beginning of the feudalism.

Ara mostly bets on football websites with the help of Iranian football prediction 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2-).

No Online Gambling Website could make a trusted brand as fast as Fun88 – Warramet Punpan

Warramet Punpan from Mueang Chiang Rai, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who advises on his blog that whether putting the company name at the beginning of the title is a good practice or at the end of the title is a big argument with both the sides having their own merits and disadvantages. He adds that it is surprising that nobody argues whether the brand name is best put in the middle just like fun88 did and created the biggest brand ever in the world of online Thai gambling industry.

Warramet Punpan writes that many individuals, companies and even SEO companies believe that if they keep the title too long, but unique and enriched with their keywords, they will be able to rank on all those keywords and also make it look good and friendly to the search engines. He writes that it is a very bad practice which has to be avoided. He claims that the search engines boycott reading title tags longer than 70 characters.

Warramet Punpan writes that title tags, meta description and meta keywords, all three are equally important for the search engine rankings and visibility. He adds that there is no superior one out of the three, all three are equally important.

Warramet Punpan claims that 60 characters are perfect for your title tags to be brandish and search engine friendly.

Daftar Judi Poker websites are more reliable and smarter than any major search engine, claims an Orthopedist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Feby Fadli from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, is an Orthopedist, who writes on his official blog that the shoes you wear most of your life play a great role in determining what kind of bone injuries you are going to get. For example, the ones who wear high boots a lot, are likely to have different sort of leg injuries than the ones who wear sneakers.

Feby prides on the fact that he doesn’t like to give his patients false hope of any kind unlike many other practitioners belonging to his field.

Feby practiced in Berlin, Germany for a few years and practicing there, he discovered that the common older people of Europe have diverged from many healthy ways they used to maintain healthy bones.

Feby claims that the lamb and goat meat is superior to any other when it comes to maintain healthy bones and that’s the reason why the chiefs at daftar judi poker mostly eat lamb and goat meat.

The best friend of Feby is a Catholic Orthopedist who believes that the religious or charitable people don’t suffer from bone injuries much, he believes that the god provides them with a certain special protection.

Dr Feby recently got a website built for his practice built with the assistance of a rookie web designer who only knew how to create and optimize a website but didn’t know how to remove the negative backlinks that some competitor or someone else builds for you.

After some competitor destroyed the Search Engine Rankings of Dr Feby’s website, he wrote on his blog that it is foolish on the part of the Google that the competitors can get away with doing negative SEO on an innocent competitor. He writes that this negative experience has led him to learn SEO all by himself.

IM Expert from Quebec claims to have made hundreds of thousands of CAD with the help of soccer predictions and purity

Alvia Popkin is an Internet Marketing and SEO expert from Quebec, Canada, who claims that staying celibate improves her creativity and luck as well. She claims to have been winning hundreds of thousands of Canadian Dollars with the help of her luck gained with the purity and football prediction for tomorrow.

Alvia claims on her blog that several multinational corporations have been considering about getting into the SEO industry but something has been keeping them from it but she believes that it is not going to be the same for so long. Their patient is going to outrun and they will ultimately end up entering the SEO industry. She claims that the founders of etsy have been considering getting into the SEO business since etsy hasn’t been doing as expected.

Alvia was never a good student, she thought that she would have to work odd-jobs all her life. She failed Mathematics at school and was told that if you don’t do good in Mathematics, you won’t do good in your life. She believed it all until she became a success with her SEO business.

Alvia believes that the intelligence, skills, creativity and expertise of the African and Latin American website designers is highly underrated. She says that the beautiful, simple and elegant websites still rule and those African and Latin American website designers are unparalleled at it.

Alvia claims that the Ex-President of the defunct WCW (World Championship Wrestling) owns a SEO Agency in disguise. She claims that due to his flamboyant image, he is never going to come out and talk about it. She claims that Eric very rarely visits his SEO office as well, so that nobody than the employees there get to know that he owns it.

Motorcycle enthusiast owns a fleet of fast Japanese bikes, mostly paid off by Matka Guru bet money

Praveen Tuli is an Indian-American full-time motorcycle enthusiast and a part-time general store owner from Lexington, Kentucky, who believes that cruise bikes are as much waste of the money as the vintage bikes are. Praveen claims to have never owner a single vintage or a cruise bike ever in his life, although he has always owned a fleet of the Japanese bikes, half of which he claims were bought off with the money he won with the Matka Guru.

Praveen further claims that he is never going to purchase a vintage or a cruise motorcycle, no matter how much others try to persuade him, he claims that he has successfully persuaded several friends, family members and even strangers to do the otherwise though.

Praveen writes on his blog that he was once told by someone while in India that the Abra Motorcycles were the most preferred motorcycles by the dacoits, homebreakers and mafioso employees until the early 1960s. Praveen has bashed the Abra Motorcycles more than a hundred times on his blog but he really had to face a great embarrassment when his girlfriend, who is a full-time model, took several pictures of herself in a yellow bikini standing next to a couple of Abra Motorcycles, published it on the social media and those became some of the most viral pictures ever of a model wearing nothing but tiny bikini standing next to a couple of motorcycles.

Praveen’s readers, friends, family members, almost everyone bashed him on this and he had a huge argument with his girlfriend on that issue, which ultimately led her to warn Praveen over leaving him. Praveen then got his cool back and said ‘Sorry’ to her and bought her an expensive bag, which she had been eyeing for too long.

Relocation Service owner from West Jakarta is a Black Belt in Martial Arts and claims to make more money with Sbobet Alternative Betting than with his Relocation Business

Adhi Abbasi owns and runs one of the most popular relocation services in West Jakarta, Indonesia. Adhi is extremely outspoken on his blog about everything relocation services and sometimes personal stuff as well. He writes on his blog whatever is on his mind, whether it is good or bad for his business or personal reputation. For example, he made a post on his blog three weeks ago stating that he has been making more money betting with a Sbobet Alternative Site (Situs Alternatif Sbobet) for the past 6 months now than he has been doing with his relocation services business.

Adhi brags both on his blog and on his relocation services’ official website that his company never damaged a product of any of the clients in the past 8 years of their history of business.

Adhi writes on his blog that one can’t afford to be rude in the relocation services business and be able to survive in the business at the same time, especially when you don’t have an Uncle Sam or Aunt Martha to give you all their inheritence or huge Rupiah from time-to-time.

Adhi loves to travel to Goa from time to time and spend a lot of his money on those sexy North Goa escorts. He claims to have traveled around the world but never found the quality of escorts as good as it is in the North Goa.

Adhi is also a black belt in Martial Arts, and he regularly keeps posting his pictures with his black belt regularly on his blog and then adds that he doesn’t believe in flaunting his belt or that he is a black belt, but he keeps posting those, because those are some of his best memories. This reminds me of the once WCW President – Eric Bischoff, who also happens to be a black belt in the martial arts, who keeps posting his pictures holding or wearing his black belt on social media, time-to-time and bragged about himself being a black belt in Martial Arts, but then says that he cannot recall when he last posted a picture with his black belt or the last time when he told someone that he is a black belt in martial arts.

Ex-bar dancer plays poker all day long

Kusuma Sanggalo (name changed) recently signed adoption papers to adopt one of the cutest baby kids that she ever saw in her life. Kusuma had a rough childhood. When she was little, her parents would throw emotional and verbal rocks on her all the time and that really did something negative to Kusuma. It made her a very scared child who was afraid of almost everything.

When Kusuma was 18, she moved out of her house to become a bar girl. She was one of the best performers in the bar and she provided some extra services as well. Her services were so extremely good that other ladies in the same bar were charging double for the same services. She met an old property magnate once while still working in the bar in the bar itself and after having several rendezvouses with Kusuma, he finally proposed her. After almost 2 years of their marriage, the property magnate died due to a sudden cardiac arrest and Kusuma inherited all his wealth as he had no progeny.

Unlike the majority, Kusuma didn’t spend all his wealth on her own, she donated a lot of this money and the rest she saved for playing her favorite game of poker. Nowadays, she spends most of her time on situs judi slot terbaru 2020 and sleeps the rest of the day.

Kusuma carefully chooses everything that she eats. She is really beautiful, talented and charismatic and looking for a new groom. She is not willing to marry an old man this time. She wants his groom to be the same age as she is.

Esme Harb refutes several claims of the Islamic scholars including that gambling, banking, pools and lotteries are haram

Esme Harb (name changed) is a young author who claims that political parties across the world today are nothing but cartels. Esme is of the belief that monarchies and dictatorships are better than the democracy, nevertheless Esme doesn’t forget to point out the flaws of the monarchies and dictatorships but she claims that monarchies and dictatorships are overall better nevertheless.

Esme is half-Turkish and half-Arabic but she says that she never felt like a foreigner in the Kansas state of USA. Esme denies the claim that USA is not secular, Esme says that she is not willing to ever leave USA no matter what. Esme once even went on to write that no money in the world can bring her the happiness that identifying herself as an American and living in America brings to her.

Esme is an amateur when it comes to the Quran and several other Muslim texts but she says that she is certain about the fact that 3 ruling states that the Muslim scholars talk about being mentioned in the Quran to be London, Washington and Jerusalem before the end of the world are wrong. Esme says that the 3 ruling states mentioned in the Quran rather are Persia, Rome and Tokyo. Esme says that she is writing a whole book about this subject and the book will be available on Amazon and eBay by the end of the March, 2019.

Esme rejects the claims by the Imams, Muftis and other Muslim scholars that banking, betting, lotteries and gambling are haram in Islam. Esme says that the more she gambles or buys lotteries or pool tickets, the more Allah loves her, Esme claims to have bought and won more pengeluaran sgp than ever before in 2018 and she says that Allah blessed her with more luck not only in terms of financial wealth but health and happiness as well contrary to the popular belief popularized by the Muftis, Imams and other so-called Islamic scholars that even if lotteries or gambling make you rich by chance, they will take away your health and the happiness.

Dr Imam Juneidi from Bandung bets on Online Soccer Websites when it all goes wrong

Dr Imam Juneidi is a General Practitioner from Bandung, Indonesia, who never gets tired of repeating on his blog that no matter how hygienic you try to be with your pig meat, it is never enough, and hence it is time that they stop eating ham across the globe. He clarifies each time that he doesn’t say this because he is a Muslim, but from the medical and scientific point of view. He even adds the photos proving that he is not a practicing Muslim to clarify his claims.

Dr Imam is notorious for promoting Kosher diets on his blog, which I am going to post about in later posts. He once even claimed that the Kosher Diet is really something which was impossible for a human being to have created if it weren’t from some divine help, then he again clarified that he is an atheist and only believes in a scientific view of each and everything, which rejects most of the claims of most of the religions.

Dr Imam writes on his blog that he regularly comes across patients who don’t even know that there is such a thing as testicular cancer or penile cancer that exists. He adds that it frustrates him so much that he goes back to his old ways of online soccer betting (taruhan bola online) again. Which he has both a love/hate relationship with, love because it has made him a tremendous amount of money in the past, hate because it wastes a lot of his time.

Dr Imam Juneidi has traveled across the world and although most of the things that he found in Asia and Africa are inferior compared to the Western World, including the knowledge and concerns of the people regarding many issues, he writes on his blog that he is glad that the people in Asia and Africa are as aware of the dangers of dysentery as they are in the US, Australia or Europe.