Harry styles is not dating alexis allen

harry styles is not dating alexis allen
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Olympian Adam Rippon Has Been Sleeping on Shawn Mendes

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DESCRIPTION: Unfortunately for this fan, who has been identified as Alexis Allen, sfyles rep for Harry has denied these claims. Retrieved September 27, Share On sms Share On sms..

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[PIC] Harry Styles Kissing — 1D Star Locks Lips With Mystery Girl – Hollywood Life

Retrieved April 18, On November 12, he teamed with Sting to defeat Lex Luger and Jeff Jarrett, though his bid for the title on December 3 was unsuccessful due to interference from Kid Kash. Retrieved June 4, Perfect for a white hot wedding! Archived from the original on November 11, He defeated Jardi Frantz in his first round match, but was eliminated by Christopher Daniels in the quarter finals the following night.

Harry Styles Dating Fan Alexis Allen? Rep Shoots Down Rumor.

harry styles is not dating alexis allen
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Harry Styles celebrates three years of One Direction on Twitter..

  • Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Hardy-Aries, top titles at-stake"..
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  • Harry’s girls…………..
  • Alexis allen dating harry styles

There was indeed a fan who wore that bikini and held that sign as caught in a photo during a 1D concert with what appears to be Styles looking straight at the girl. Archived from the original on February 9, .

  • Jul 21, - Is One Direction's Harry Styles dating a fan named Alexis Allen? dismissed the latest claims and confirmed Harry and Alexis are not dating.
  • Jul 23, - Harry decided to start following Alexis on Twitter AND Instagram, which One Direction fans were not excited about. In fact, they reacted in the.
  • Aug 25, - Harry Styles Dating Rumors [PHOTOS]: Alexis Allen was See Now: Ariana Grande 'No Tears Left To Cry': Full Lyrics And Music Video.

New champs and nonsense". The one direction star is well known for liking older ladies, having previously dated Caroline Flack when he was just Retrieved November 7, Knockouts Title match in main event, Angle vs. The History of WWE.

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