Oak island money pit carbon dating

oak island money pit carbon dating
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Mysterious Treasure on Oak Island (Full Documentary)

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DESCRIPTION: At the Oak Island contact point for the Halifax Formation and the Windsor Group, the bedrock of each is at remarkably different depths: No archaeological dig was conducted and the researchers did not have the time to oak island money pit carbon dating for additional samples. Show Your Support The Skeptoid weekly science podcast is a free public service from Skeptoid Media, a c 3 educational nonprofit..

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Carbon dating results (spoiler) : OakIsland

This can be grasped by looking at the above map, and scanning from the Lunenburg peninsula up to Chester. A suburb of the modern capitol, San Salvador, can be seen at the lower left corner, below: Smaller trace amounts of other mineral additives have also been identified. My approach for the investigation was to see if I could find indications within the sequence itself if the Kempton sequence of symbols were created during the time period late 16th to early 17th century, which would make it possible they were created by the designers of the Oak Island complex. The stone tablet made its appearance in the Onslow Company's records, coincidentally, about the same time they were running out of money and their pit flooded. The discovery of one of the largest sources of the mineral attapulgite palygorskite just a few miles from these sites provides one possible reason for the Maya presence in the area. Click for pdf version of this page best for printing Click for The Power of Prophecy to the Aztecs page Click for home page.

Mahone Bay Unearthed.

oak island money pit carbon dating
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It should be noted and this was stated categorically by the chief scientist involved in the project that the researchers were led to the spot and handed material retrieved from under the sand Aubrey, And as with so many other subjects, the older the account you read, the less specific and impressive the details..

  • Much of my interest in his book comes from my having been a child of a geologist mother and a geologist-mining-engineer father..
  • Oak Island carbon dating reports
  • References & Further Reading
  • The Dual Cipher | The Oak Island Shakespeare project

However several very interesting findings were made, and most of these prove much of what we 'know' about the island to be false despite Bill Milstead's assertion to the contrary..

  • age of the wood, hinting at an approximate creation date for the Money Pit. Covering letter accompanying carbon dating lab reports for wood sample.
  • OakIsland I know that first piece of wood was dated up to which could not be original Could it be, we are in the orignal money pit?The bones were carbon dated to or more years old?
  • Nov 16, - Radiocarbon (C) dating is one of the most reliable of all the radiometric dating methods. It has been utilized to scientifically test organic Oak.

The architecture, the construction material, and a handful of artifacts in the buildings indicated that they had been built in an Icelandic-early Greenland style oak island money pit carbon dating dated to the 11th century. It is very revealing that a two week scientific study was sufficient to dispell several of the key points surrounding the legend, and we can only speculate what would happen if a fully funded research group was able to spend several months performing unrestricted work at the site. The work performed was very brief only a few weeks and thus no extensive study of the area was possible. The Chontal sea craft usually were about sixty feet long, used rudders for steering, contained a cabin for ship's officers, and were propelled both by oarsmen and one or oak island money pit carbon dating sails. And most importantly what was done with all the timbers and bits of lose metal and such all that evidence must have been kept? Totally free online dating sites australia scientists summarized this finding during the interview by stating that 'no direct connection to the surrounding ocean was found during the study Gallo,

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