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My name is Tina, 21.: Hello, if you're reading this, then I'm interesting to you and I'm very happy about this fact. I would like to tell a little about myself and my life. I'm an ordinary girl who spent her childhood traveling with her father. We were in different parts of my country and I still remember those times with a smile. When you climb to the highest mountain you feel a huge surge of energy and a sense of freedom fills every cell of the body, you want to scream, although you can not do it because of lack of air. In those moments it seemed to me that there was nothing in the world with which I could not cope. I thought that I was in control of all the elements when I stood on the shore of a huge river full of water or breathed in full sea air. But all this is sadly behind. Now I have to mix daily in a single stream with many people who do not understand my desire for nature, they do not understand why I every weekend go away from the city somewhere further from the clubs and the eternal hype. They think I'm weird. And I think that our life is damn short, and we need to use every minute to feel happiness for a second. My father is no longer able to go with me to panic or arrange walking tours. And I want to find my dreamer here. It's the same as my father. Strong, courageous, fearless, who will take my hand and I will be confident that as long as my hand in his hand - we conquer any top. I want to travel with you, try strange food, get acquainted with different animals and love each other on the shore of the ocean and on Mount Everest!)

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