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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

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  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

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CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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What Goes into Cannabidiol Oil?

put CBD to canadients tongue? “drops” : under many of How oil



  • put CBD to canadients tongue? “drops” : under many of How oil
  • Why I quit my job:
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    put CBD to canadients tongue? “drops” : under many of How oil

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    The job of the media in Canada, which Kai Nagata cannot understand, is to report to their customers what is happening. Now that Kai Nagata has revealed his political bias, which is based on his lack of ability to think, I am so thankful that this commentator wannabe is no longer standing in front of a Canadian media camera and seething about not being a pundit instead. It is normal practice in Canada — and most countries — that if you work for and are paid by a company, then the company owns the intellectual property that you worked on and were paid for.

    But — once again showing just how poor of a reporter he was — Kai Nagata did not know that. One of the essential elements of free democratic states is an unfettered media that has an absolute obligation to hold those entities holding power over the people, including the government, to account. Travis Fimmel did a good job of taking a few irrelevant issues and labelling Kai as therefore irrelevant despite the illogical leap and completely missed everything of import that he was trying to get across.

    To Travis It actually is part of true journalism to deliver the truth to us and to ensure our governments are covering things up. Clearly you are the one in the dark, distracted and not understanding which way this country is clearly headed!!! In Canada our democracy is built on a large system of checks and balances to hold the government accountable.

    These include but are not limited to media, universities, electorate, opposition, the senate etc. Really, Travis — who has an inability to think?? What right does a corporation have to exploit its employees and extract their ideas and claim them as their own without giving proper due and acknowledgement to the originator?? Absolute power corrupts absolutely. You are an idiot. Did you even read the article? Or did you just pick out whatever fit your agenda? Because as far as I can see: Still no facts… Please argue with examples… Impressions are good when they are backed with a plausible explaination.

    On the other side, Kai is presenting facts, stories. He could probably prove to you every word he wrote with names, dates, quotations, recordings. But hey, you are cool, you know better: I really hope you have no child… Certainly not now…. How long could you continue doing a job you no longer enjoyed? If Kai felt he could no longer be a committed employee — for ANY reason — then he made the right decision by leaving.

    I am also enjoying very much toying with your detractor in Fox news style. Just found a new way of dealing with them…. It is so easy to send a message to someone who can not read and understand properly. After all they are not interesting but we can still enjoy having fun with other members of the board.. If they raise the bar and go to the facts, then the conclusion will turn around to be similar to you. Then country who are left behind by leaders who think they own the truth will have to deal with a new world order where they no longer can dictate the rules.

    Like the supreme court, they do react to new trends eventually. For now, they are trying to position themselves in a world where ressource are getting more scarce… In this great dance of the nations, the ones with more vision and less greed will endup winning. I am sure that many insiders did that fight before the collapse or any other collapse.

    Did it prevent the crisis to occur? Does that mean that no insiders tried everything they could to prevent it to happen? If your left arm has gangrene, you need to cut it. Do you see organizations cutting their left arm? People who think you can change from within do not understand how shark organizations are working.

    To change from inside, you need to reorient the whole executive staff. But these guys have grown and succeeded being sharks… Why would they change?

    If you are too loud, they will use Fox tactics ad hominem and paint you as a black sheep. First change yourself you seem to have done a pretty good job and then build an organization with dolphins as partner.

    Finally, start to compete. First off, history tells us that GST was implemented by the Conservative Harper is a conservative to improve the economy. I prefer more tax and less income tax we should all go to Bahamas….

    Then the liberals promised to remove it. Either they knew they were lying my guess or they saw it was not possible to do. Need some insiders here….

    Seems economist have a strong desire to remove regressive taxes and to put in place progressive. Tax can either slow your economy or help it or less injure it. Income tax is not the best one. Import tax have a lot of benefit but it also makes a country less competitive unless it is totally geared toward exports. There are two economic way to handle the global warming: Carbon tax is by far the best economic model just ask top economists.

    It also means that you can easily tax imports from polluting countries…. Cap and trade is very difficult to put in place: Now if your name is Wall street, the Cap and Trade is the answer… The rich gets richer and the poor… Well there is still something more we can suck out of these guys.

    It would cost us when going in holiday… But one million more taxpayers, not on unemployment or social welfare must have some benefit… At 30K per year… you are looking at 30B more in GDP…. But hey… I am not an economist and not listening to Fox news. God help us all. So if Kai is the target of a communication firm, we must make sure to bring the debate to the real perspective…. First message from the public relation firm hijacking this thread must be answered properly.

    You really want to work from within???????????? Since Jean Chrestien days, CBC has been hicjacked and controled by politicians trying to limit the damage. This was way back in when the referendum was almost lost.

    At that time, a new person was named at the head of CBC…. The first person who was in charge of this was Abram should be written like the original Abraham Rabinovitch. As executioner, he was in charge, almost a decade ago, to make sure CDC would not present positions that are against the government. The leashe was long enough to allow journalists to do anything but the focus was to prevent anything that would encourage or trigger anything in the independance fervor.

    How do I know that? Well I do not… But event that unfolded and the result shows the intent. Executives are given a mission and do not divulge it. But the result shows the intent. It is that simple: What has changed in editorial? In the Harper era, this has increased much more. We all have seen the diplomat complaining about the Harper governement.

    How about the falk river story? You need more… Please do challenge me! So we have a government, that is removing the ability to his journalist to tell the truth. If this does not fit the agenda of the government, it must be manged and firm are hired to do that.

    What we see here is a concerted effort to pass a message: The more you are going to play this game, the more I will attack the organization you are trying to defend.

    This hijacking has gone enough! Back off or I will show you how people with true values are able to bring things in their real perspective. To me the next step is to show that CBC is being hijacked and controlled by the government. Case seems clear to me. Intelligence would be to stop the hostility, regroup and reevaluate… If you continue on this route you are making my case easy…. After so many post doing a spin on this thread… The message from the hired gun is clear: How can we make sure the spinners are caught in a loop such that they are spending way too much money to handle this?

    How can we make sure they are failling while spending ever increasing money on this board? So the message is: Can not work from within when it is corrupted. Kai never said that,,, Now you are saying that Kai should work from within. Now deal with this!

    I agree Harper and Bush, both suck ass. You can see it in their face. How can you deny truth and still go back home with your child? Do you have any child? Furhermore… Do you ever want any child? You are basically creating more trouble. Go back to the customer and tell him: My goal is to blow this out of proportion… So you are making my day! Please enjoy attacking Kai from every possible angle…. I will be listening for good things from you and hope I can help in some way in the future!

    Its always heart warming hearing others share the same view. Every stupid comment should be followed by a deep analysis where you try to find the people who gave the contract to shut him down! Even better, can you imagine some of us going on other threads….

    Well… I am a bit older But seing such a beautifull mind like Kai showing me this gives me all hopes for the future. The coordinated way attacks were made on this board against Kai seems like a public relation firm is here. I can see National reevaluating their approach… I can see them talking: Sorry, you are not, the monster is us showing you off… The monster is people on this board all teaming up against you. The monster is the offense you are doing by attacking Kai….

    A few of us just are wish you keep on attacking Kai! This is so much fun! Honest people on this board just want so much to have this battle.

    Reading all the post, there are may of us…. Do you really think you can spin the truth the way you want anywhere? To us lobbist and spinners like National are the most dirt there is to be seen. Is that clear enough… Can we say it again: Do you have any ethics?

    What the hell are you doing attacking this guy? You are so worthless that playing with you using your own tool is just fun. We will enjoy your stupid post and use them to make a bigger debate… For every hit on Kai Nagata, the goal is to shoot back with 10 to times the strength you used. So please use this as a motivation… We are not alone and our mission is to bring truth to this baord.

    We need to protect Kai from the spit of dirty people. So everytime you do spit: Give us your best shot… We want this challenge. This is us, nobody going after you guys. Almost like a crusade… The only difference: Here, we have the same rules. Internet has made this an equal opportunity ground. It is not like you can flood the TV with adds… We are equal here! So you can not use fear as a tool. There is no fear in this realm: Basically, the approach is the following: How do you defeat that: The original idea was: This may not work perfectly and needs much more efforts but you migth end up find new perspective: You have many path: Go see customer and ask for a few K hoping you can win this; — Try to find a way to attack him on truth and fundamentals seem the toughest path to me: You do undertand that you are fighting a war in ennemy territory?

    You are commando team that has been uncovered. Go back and regroup and undertand: So now anyone on this board can go and bring this war on the CBC site… They shut you off: Do you understand that nobody wants to see you here? Do you understand that every bad comment on Kai is just adding hatrid against CBC?

    Is that the objective? Do not loose your presence of war: The public relation firm is reevaluating for now… For now… They will come back. Use a sense of urgency and desperation — If a war is won against Kai… We will all loose. The counter attack — Here we have seen a concerted effort to attack Kai… The counter attack needs to bring this to other boards, offices, PM office…. Create a threathening presence — Seems that the public relation firm is starting to back off… I just can wait to see them coming back with all of us against them.

    We need to bring war to the ennemy! Know your ennemy… Anyone thinking the public relation firm is the ennemy will loose, the real ennemy is the people behind… Make your guess….

    Overwhelm resistance with speed and suddenness. Can you imagine you guys teaming up on the CBC site in the next two days? Defeat them in detail never be intimidated by your ennemy: So we need to go after Harper on the long run. War has been brought to Kai. We are able to reply. No need of a leader nor of a ruler.

    Just need to agree on: But we have enough to avoid 23 to Dirty warfare… These are the tools of our opponents: Sow uncertainty and panic through acts of terror Did use that… can you imagine this thread on the desk of the CBC or PM office? So now I am waitng for the replies. Obviously will fall into one of the 33 strategies…. Yes, I guess so. The world is awash is white-bread leftists, do we really need another one?

    So how old are you my friend. At 53, I still think that Kai, at 25 is way beyond you an me…. You are the illumination… Please do show us the path so we can follow and know who we need to attack. Please give us a name of a white-bread leftist? Please give us the name of the game you master? You are so great… Indeed, I now uinderstand how you own the truth and want to follow your leadership. I need a master like you to show me the way to true revelation… I need truth in my life and I am sure you will bring it to us.

    All I am waiting for is to be sure you come back so we, as a team could prove that every word you said is a lie. I can not belive that you can not understand how dum-dum you look… I can not see how you can not see how much you are destroying yourself…. Are you for real or just another useless spinner trying a last attempt to attack Nagata san. BTW, san means Mister but you can now understand that concept… Respect is not word that does not mean nothing to you.

    Start with you first: Do you respect anything about yourself? It is so easy with bashers like you that it is not even funny… You are so much hating yourself that it shows in every sentence you are writing.

    I guess you must have a miserable life and want to bring everone down to your level. Well done my friend: Go back and breathe in… Air is good because it brings oxygen to the brain. Obviously you are not breathing enough… Or you are breathing too fast! Congratulations on your freedom! Thanks for your hard work and I hope you find your passion. What is Pro Publica? Anything geared toward truth and against Fox is good to me.

    Fox is the quitescence of lying and manipulation. Anyone using this as a guide is just stupid! Feel free to challenge me! Just go ahead make my day! Like the russian in I come here to learn. I know they have plenty of Bobby Clarke in their team…. What a great act of courage. You demonstrated great respect for youself. He is not gone, just becoming free! Such understanding is great. Do not be sorry… See the opportunity!

    How about you become our Jon Stewart. We definitely need that type of satirical look at anything foolish. Too bad Bell owns Comedy also.

    There is always YouTube. Funny how progressives are considered more left leaning, yet we are o. It is going to get uglier out there with Sun News pretending to give people news. Hopefully Canadians are more in tune with being lied to. It gladdens my heart to know I share the same sense of normalcy as another fellow Canuck. I truly believe there are a lot of us out there though where they were during the last election…?

    We middle-of-the-roaders need you. I beg you not to quit media. Lol as an employee of Corus who works in News I can assure you Corus is at least as beholden to its share holders as Bell and Rogers. I wholeheartedly concur with your idea. Ouf, what to say? I found that the transition between John Grant and you had gone so well, after having wondered how someone else could take on his responsibilities and pull it off. Maybe there is a gentle voice in your soul, giving you an outline of what you might feel passionate about, in future.

    I hope that your colleagues, being in the information industry and all, will read your message carefully, because they have ample food for thought. I wish you well. I, too, am probably richer in love than in goods, but my faith is strong, which helps a great deal. What party, and why bother with a party?? No, Big Media has to be killed with a stake in its heart and a beheading, like a combination vampire-zombie.

    We do not have a democracy in Canada, really never have; we do not have a free press — we have a bought and paid for press…. Only the network owners???? Yes, Mr Nagata, keep writing; wherever you do it from, in whatever venue you can find where you are allowed to express your conscience and not subdue it as part of your job conditions.

    You are not a slave, even though they want you to be one……. Left in some ways, right in some ways and rarely center. The system by which representatives is broken. That way the government would have to do things that appeal to more of the population. The system is good, it is just that we endure that people are corrupting it… If laws and rules are the same for everyone, we are much better. If we use common sense instead of fear cover your ass and power to build those rules we are much better.

    If laws are based on science and solid facts instead of ideology, we are much better. The system is not the problem… It is just that some are thinking this is a game and they are players.

    Whatever the system, it should not be based on personaltiy vanity but values, ethics and principles. There is no consensus. This is a piece long overdue. Not for you, Kai, but for journalism, especially TV, as a whole.

    To think otherwise is hubris and denial. These companies who answer to the profits of their stockholders and not the public interest? Not to prove that humans are ruining the climate, but to determine if that is indeed the case and, if so, to what degree and how we might go about correcting things. To state that people are presumptuous to think that they matter so much that they can influence the climate is a presumptuous, arrogant and ignorant statement.

    Of course, financial reasons as always. Well, the simplest remedy available to us all right now is voluntary population control world-wide. Everyone knows it boils down to overpopulation, in the end, but you offer no more reasonable solutions than the carbon-tax you decry. Anyone can criticise, but how many people actually have original ideas to improve our lot?

    How would YOU implement population control? And enforced population control has worked out so well for China. Have you totally failed to look at the world around you? Working from inside is a matter of keeping our calm and focus and ethics… Does happen in political parties…. Leaders a la Harper and Bush who owns the truth and knows better are things of the past… In the future, leaders will be the ones asking the right questions… Vision is about asking questions and sharing….

    Of course we can sway the climate — but thank you for illustrating the right wing belief system discussed in the article. How can you be so stupid to believe humans do not affect the planet with their actions — that is just plain craziness. So your pretention is that we can not affect nature? So how about throwing nuclea bombs on the planet? Would this change the planet? Well I have to agree: Seems science is telling us that CO2 is vibrating when light comes in, and bouces off in infrared emitting energy in all directions.

    Seems science tells us that GHG are have a logarithmic impact hence the reason why going from to ppm of CO2 is the same as going from to ppm. We can nuke all of North America… or any other continent so much that there will be no life for at least a few hundreds Nature is strong or thousands of year….

    I agree, if we kill every human on this planet, it will recover. In the life cycle of a planet Billions of years , we are nothing….

    What do you know about Global Warming? What is the rate of Artic summer ice decline? Mirror is 1, Black is 0 Why do model predict Antartica is going to grow?

    Namibia desert oldest desert on earth? Increase in temperature of the sea cause an expansion of the sea, Glacier melting is the second one What is the probable impact of the melting of the Himalayas on agriculture in India and China? What did the chinese authority did about that on the Mekong tributaries? You seem to know better. Could you answer one of these questions?

    I mean just one…. Victor, my not so friendly neighbourhood retard. You forget about the atom bomb I am sure that if they all went off then the world might just be different. Nuclear winter, radioactive fall-out. Do you remember Chernobyl? What does your lower intestine taste like? This is exactly the point: Never mind that most Canadians actually agree with the guy, once you take his name off the page, or his second-language yammering from the two-minute blurb on the evening news.

    I bet his English trumps your French! This kid has ones made of the same granite as the Canadian Shield, and twice as large. Which CONservative has ever been this brave? Please do enjoy some time to present your case about Dion… Please present specifics and be ready to defend…. Harper is all about impression and spin… Dion is about something else… I may not like him but I have to give him what belongs to him…. Choose your fight… I am yours for a while! No freedom 38 for me.

    I want to buy you a beer. Maybe, Ange-Aimee Wood, he was fortunate in that he was able to pay his student loan off. He did say the job was high-paying with a lot of perks.

    And not just in Canada why else the secret meeting between Harper and Murdoch last year. His often unwilling cohorts are politicians, police of Australia, Russia, U.

    Some of the comments on this board are either from: So I am trying to target the public relation firm that are attacking Kai… I feel it is kind of unfair that a big public relation firm would be allowed to hijack this thread. So I am chasing after spinners. It does cause me a problem because sometimes comments are legitimate. But I do feel the spin on this. I ahve explained my postition in previous posts.

    Please refer to them to understand my motives deeper…. Kai is a quitter…for whatever reason. Wasted his time… which is his choice. I think Kai should volunteer for rest of his life in Africa…help those with Aids and stuff. Tell us about you then. Kai just finished telling us his story, so tell us yours, so that we can understand the validity behind your words if it exists in this case.

    You speak type, whatever it may be from a pessimistic and judgmental point of view. Kai is not a quitter he just knows when its time to leave the table. So just walk away or you can deal with me, and PAM who seems to be a stand up fellow. So come share with me. Ha ha if you can. I wish more people would do what you have done. People engaged to save us from ourselves. Best of luck to you on the next part of your journey. As a current j-schooler heading into my last year, this post has really got me thinking about a lot.

    Best of luck to you. You have had a Brigette moment. The young must speak to the young to get this message across. We are all on the same Planet. The Rapture is not the answer. Your actions speak louder than words. Asked to give a toast before the prestigious New York Press Club, John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff and editorial writer at the New York Times, made this candid confession at a banquet held in his honor in , nearing the end of his career:.

    You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job.

    If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell the country for his daily bread.

    You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press. We are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scenes.

    We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. Their main clients are shareholders, not viewers, readers, or listeners. The results are fewer diverse sources of local information and less public dialogue, which undermines the health of our democracy. A handful of locally-owned and independent media remain.

    They are an endangered species. No time for video? Hurtig begins by discussing the Canadian media and how we now have the greatest concentration of media in the western world.

    In fact, he states that this would simply not be allowed in any other western democracy. And since these same media outlets control newspaper, television and radio news; we are essentially only being given one voice. There are few or no alternative views. As stated in the video, a healthy democracy should foster a healthy and independent news media.

    This is a beautifully written and reasoned piece, and says many things that I wish others in the media had the courage to say. Thank you for your thoughts about this great job we make and trying to make a better understanding of our world. There is no free statement or greater good behind it today. I hope the road is good to you. You know, if the road takes you there. Seems to me that Nelson would be an ideal location to re-group and get on with it! From the Valley of Lost Souls. And giving up is not a solution.

    Your a pretty much nameless first name only poster on a blog… could you be less important? Your comment sounds like a projection of your own self-loathing. Kai just quit that position you loathe, so you should be glad. No you all missed the point that Belinda was trying to make…. She has to rationalize her thought process by belittlling others so that she can elevate her own narcicistic view of herself vis-a-vie her interpretation of her world around her. God I love this Fox way of replying.

    It is so easy to show a tourist he is nothing but dirt!!! He also had an unusual defence of the practice: He had to jump into bed with Murdoch as everyone had, starting with Thatcher in the Seventies.

    Cameron went horse riding regularly with Rebekah. Eloquently worded, and your insider perspective confirms many of my suspicions about the world of spoon-fed news media. Go forward and do something game-changing. You certainly seem to have the mind and fortitude required. I feel like giving you a one-man standing ovation. You are the future. I have tremendous respect for your decision. When you find the answers, I believe they will be everything you hope for.

    I would like to believe Kai is the future, and maybe through the internet his kind of enlightenment will spread. But remember that iconoclastic folks like Kai and myself have existed for all time, and have rarely been able to upend the institutions set up to define reality.

    And, because they can always find more young, idealistic, and insecure people to play the talking head role. Here in the US we have an increasing number of pretty erudite people who are nevertheless completely narcissistic whores.

    You only have to look at their smarmy faces. As meat-loving sports fans and jingoistic knee-jerk patriots, their only concern is to be on the coarser, tougher team. They admire the cleverness with which the FAUX news media frustrates and explodes the heads of reasonable people on the other side. The implication is that there are enough mean-spirited people watching regularly to keep them on the air. Untold psychological damage there…. One feels that the reason the Right hates intellectuals and wants to de-fund anything that raises people up is that they understand that more brutes and bigots means more support for their oligarchy.

    I must say I am impressed by your courage, I have been there myself, leaving a good job for something unknown, being homeless, being broke. You will make something of yourself yet and I look forward to seeing what it is. Just admiring the courage and honesty of this young media colleague, who took a stand based on principle and integrity and defending the public interest—things that have become practically extinct under the oppression corporate media regimen.

    I welcome you to the RoC, and invite you to visit if you make it out to Alberta where we could certainly use your perspectives! It is such a relief to see that a 24 year old and a 64 yr old can see and be profoundly disturbed by the same things happening to our potentially amazing country. Bon Voyage on your road to the future.

    I hope that public service of any description is in your future. You are needed more than you can know. I will be sharing this with my family and friends, as that is the least we can do if we feel strongly about the subject matter. Hopefully others will do the same and perhaps an informed discussion will be had by many Canadians about our path as we move forward.

    Not sure how far west your travels will take you, but pls know there are many on the Canadian left coast who will be raising a glass in your general direction. All the best, Kai! Took a lot of courage to walk on to your own beat. Success waits for you in another form. The implication here is that he clearly thinks PETA is bunk. Sorry, but PETA is bunk. It could also be interpreted as tongue-in-cheek irony.

    Peta are officially weird, kooky, kinda hippie, not mainstream. Had his views been less left-leaning he would probably not have been disillusioned by his job. But then, the politics of the Right seems to embrace the ulterior motive. I read this with great interest. I agree and advocate against a lot of the things said. I wanted to tell you that many of us are fighting the mainstream media models by creating other types of programming that more adequately reflect the various communities in Canada.

    At Concordia University Television CUTV , we have people of all ages joining our volunteer-produced programming every week to be able to tell the stories they feel are important and are clearly not told or misrepresented in the mainstream media. We take pride in what we do and welcome anyone that believes in our mandate to get involved.

    The power of the media should be used and important breakthroughs can be made thanks to it. What an amazing farewell! Thank you for taking the time to share this publicly. Do not doubt for a minute that many of us boomers are as honest as Patrick.

    Despite all the controversies, Government do great things too. Wishing you all the luck in finding your pinnacle…. You started strong, then it became David Suzuki Jr rant.

    Thank you for writing this and for having the courage to say what I know so many in the news media are thinking. I made the same stand in I was right then and right now. Poor but happy and done everything I wanted so far. Time waits for no one and even though your first 25 were exciting on paper, wait till the next when all the pieces of life settle to a firm path.

    Then it gets easier. All the bull crap flies off faster and life becomes clear, for you and you alone. Keep that enemies and friends list though. Did you fall in love with your sister before or after you moved out? Your article gives me great resolve as I leave the academy in a trail of dust behind me to find myself and my freedom of speech once again.

    I still keep in touch with some of them and they tell me the same things as you wrote about. Your story sounds so familiar. Fortunately, I was able to hop into the nascent dot-com industry, and that led to the best decade of my life.

    Or, if you just want to commiserate with someone about the positives and negative aspects of making the decisions we did, and the reasons they were made, please feel free to e-mail me. Either way, I wish you the best going forward. I have a lot more questions than answers when I read well written pieces such as this one and many in the states along with all the comments.

    It would appear to me that the majority of people are more progressive than the governments in power, so who is voting in the stifling government.

    I know that here in Canada the majority voted against Harper yet he got a majority of seats. In Quebec no one really wants separation yet the PQ is always poised to take over power. Who are the people who are silent when opinions are being voiced, yet they are the ones putting people in power?

    How do we get the young out to vote, write letters to editors or make their voices heard louder than it is now? Does everyone, all of a sudden become a drone once they get jobs and kids and mortgages? What happens to the fire in their bellies? See more questions than answers. Perhaps you do not understand our political system, but you should realize that it does not take a majority of voters, much less a majority of citizens, to acquire a majority.

    It only takes a majority of seats. The general ignorance of basic conclusions like that underscore the failure of our political system and our society.

    I was being rhetorical. Hoping to get people to think about the unjust election rules and how it may have turned off people. But thanks for the follow up. The coverage of the royal visit was disgusting. It did at least show a lot of people what CBC is really all about. Kai, very courageous and what all of us in the field should be doing. Please get in touch with me.

    This post is beautifully written, and extremely brave. I look forward to following your observations in the months and years to come, because we desperately need honest, courageous voices like yours.

    Kai, Well said and very true. There are many in the field who feel the same but few willing to do something about it. Please get in touch with me, I have been having the same conversation with people recently and am working on an idea. I would love your input.

    Congratulations on your new, real life. A beautiful, thoughtful, and reasoned piece. Many thanks for offering your insights on the inside of politics and your own choices as a journo and person. We would all be the better for it if such honest self reflection caught a hold of all of us — journo, politico, or otherwise — more often. Having worked with Kai this past year, I can attest he was one of the best and brightest, also funny and fun to be with. I am sure those same qualities will guide him in his next endeavours.

    So long Kai and all the best! Hopefully the groundwork we lay down now will pay dividends in a decade when these boomers start to die off. Hopefully a young, attractive flak is any more effective at changing this country than a young, attracting hack. What an eloquent missive!

    I would vote for you if you ran for office…please do!!! Canada is in desperate need of a thoughtful, progressive and passionate leader! What a tremendous article. Delivers the sentiment of so many Canadians that are disheartened by the direction that our country that we used to be so proud of, is headed. Good luck on future endeavours. Good for you — I did the same thing years ago. I was working as a publicist — a fun but ultiately vapid and meaningless life. I turned thirty and decided to give up the money, the parties, and the connections in pursuit of finding a life that I could have faith in — not religious faith — but a moral faith nonetheless.

    I had no plan, no money and no degree to back me up — all I had was a sure, true feeling to guide me. I packed up and gave away everything I owned and lived out of a back pack in various Latin American countries for two yeas.

    I returned to Canada and went back to school to become a journalist. And despite agreeing with a lot of what you wrote — objectivity in journalism is a farce, and strips the humanity out of a story — I still beleive in the art of journalism, and I have been to places that need it so desperately. I have seen another side and told the stories of those who are exploited, impoverished, and abused.

    I know there are few outlets that even pretend to have any interest in the human condition, but I think that is changing. I am aware that maybe I believe it because I need to, but I am not alone in wanting this, in fighting for it. Just a message of support and admiration from someone who took similar steps in the last month leaving a high-ranking, high-paying job in the Canadian print media at a young age.

    If you read one thing today… The Dearlove. As stated in other posts canada is deep need of people like you. Your opinions and understanding that you bring forth of what is happening in the country needs to be told to all canadians.

    We need leaders many of them to step forth and return this country to a progressive force again in the future and in this world. I quit my producer job at the CBC at 33… the tipping point for me… the coverage of the death of Princess Diana….

    Many may think you are out of your mind…but you have to be out of your mind to follow your heart! And the only way to change the world…is to change yourself… be the change that you seek and it will become so. Please keep a public site so we can follow you and also use you as a measuring stick to compare others who would call themselves journalists.

    I must also admit to your making me feel a bit smug as I have stopped watching CTV news for many of the reasons you sight, adding the presence of Lloyd the Cadaver on deck, anything for the appearance of credibility. I hope this is the fulcrum for many of the desperately need discussions about the state of our democracy and the elements needed to maintain it for the future. A musical suggestion to begin your self-discovery: That sounds quite mature. How does that make him a bleeding heart?

    Do you stoop, tugging your forelock before these celebrities, like all the other peasants? What would you have him do? Continue kissing the ring for a chance to buy a house and, in the process, perpetuate the same destructive political and journalistic structures we all currently endure? I see the eroding of our middle class everywhere I look and, collectively, this country has no answer.

    In fact, we chose to elect a government that will attack the middle class and our welfare state continuously over the next four years. Our media stands by, the abiding stenographers. Whether this party or that party will raise taxes is an utterly asinine bifurcation that results in nothing but idiocy and terrible public representation.

    You are both strong and brave. You should write a book about your career and your epiphany. This is indeed sad for my country, Canada. With Stephen Harper behind the wheel, we are heading down the same right wing ideological path that the United States has headed and has gone into the ditch. I would like to think we are smarter than that.

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