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  • Powerful relaxant

  • Strong painkiller

  • Stress reduction
  • Energy booster

Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Complete (2500mg) CBD Exogen Choice Tincture



  • Complete (2500mg) CBD Exogen Choice Tincture
  • Exogen Complete Choice CBD Tincture (500mg)
  • Join us for our upcoming medical marijuana conference!
  • Complete Choice CBD is extracted from proprietary organic hemp cultivars utilizing our exclusive SKU: N/A Categories: exogen, exogen Tinctures. Description. SKU: N/A Categories: exogen, exogen Tinctures ingredients, the health benefits of our Complete Spectrum Oil go beyond it being simply a source of CBD . mg Phytocannabinoids + Adaptogens Complete Choice CBD Tincture. Currently we offer Complete Choice CBD, Spectrum Adaptogentic, Dream, Focus , and Relax Tinctures. Complete Choice CBD. eXogen C3 – Daily use to help with overall health and wellness. eXogen C3 – Daily use to Attack mg – Designed to attack more challenging ailments. May also be good for the.

    Complete (2500mg) CBD Exogen Choice Tincture

    Hemp or cannabis is good at detoxifying soils so the plant absorbs unwanted substances. If you choose another CBD product, make sure you investigate the purity and receive what is on the label. Look for independent third party testing.

    To read a good article about this, Click Here. Stem-Kine naturally makes your bone marrow release more stem cells into your blood stream for healing purposes. Created by The Magnesium Miracle author, Dr.

    Carolyn Dean, ReMag has a 60, ppm concentration of The benefits of magnesium are that it affects every cell in the body in the most positive way by ensuring healthy bones, relaxing muscles and being a vital component for glucose, fat and for the body to break down proteins for energy production.

    Magnesium plays a critical role in supporting a healthy immune system as well as bones and muscles. The tester helps quitters estimate the level of their nicotine dependence and therefore select an appropriate treatment plan. Panadol gets tough and packs a punch GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare is relaunching Panadol in a crush-resistant pack designed to appeal to younger users - especially women.

    Panadol Compack is a tough plastic wallet pack that can be carried in a pocket or handbag. The metallic-finish pack has rounded edges and clicks open to reveal both the tablets and patient information. The packs will be introduced for the Panadol variants most likely to be purchased for pain relief on the move - Panadol tablets 16s , Panadol Extra 16s and Panadol ActiFast 14s.

    Eye-catching point of sale material is available. The commercial features 'fast cars', 'fast food' and 'fast lane'- linking the speed of life with the speed of pain relief offered by the product. Glucose meter is a Breeze Bayer Diagnostics is launching an easy-to-use blood glucose meter into its Ascensia line of diabetes care products.

    The Ascensia Breeze is designed with single function buttons to make it convenient and simple to operate. It features the Glucofacts PC download function and uses the Ascensia test disc, eliminating the need to handle individual strips. The meter has been developed with 'Sip-in sampling' technology to help eliminate testing error, with only a tiny blood sample needed. Radian B TENS is designed as a natural, drug-free pain relief system for relieving ongoing aches and pains.

    The compact machine sends electrical signals through electrodes on the skin to act directly on the nerves, stimulating the body's own natural defences against pain. The manufacturer says the system offers a solution to consumers whose lifestyles are impacted by serious ongoing pain and who want to reduce reliance c painkillers. The machine features dual channel with individual channel intensity control, seven pre-set programmes, session timer with countdown indicator and auto shi off, low battery warning indicator It has a one-year warranty and comes with electrodes, batteries, storage pouch and instructions.

    Care Antiseptic First Aid Cream contains cetrimide 0. Refer to Summary of Product Characteristics before prescribing. A clear liquid containing light liquid paraffin Use one or two capfuls to a warm water bath; Children: Apply lightly using a wet sponge Contra-indications: Hypersensitivity to any ol the ingredients.

    Special warnings and precautions: Care should be taken if allergy to any of the ingredients is suspected. Care should be exercised when entering or leaving the bath. Avoid contact with the eyes. Very rarely mild skin reactions have been reported. Date of preparation, API: Summary of Product Chaiacteristics befoie prescribing. Cetiaben Emollient Cream is an emollient, moisturising and protective cream for- the symptomatii relief ol red, inflamed, damaged, dry oi chapped skin, especially when associated with endogenous or exogenous eczema.

    Cetraben Emollient Cream should be applied to the dry skin areas as often as required and rubbed in. Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

    No special precautions are required. Very rarely, mild allergic skin reactions including rash and erythema have been observed, in which casefhe product should be discontinued.

    Septembei Date of revision, API: February I Date of preparation: Clarityn Allergy contains loratadine and is suitable for adults and children aged two years and over. It will not make a child drowsy and the 'no drowsiness' claim is clearly stated on the pack.

    The syrup is suitable for treating skin conditions such as rash, itching and urticaria. It can also relieve allergic symptoms due to hayfever and other airborne allergies such as house dust mite and pet allergies. Putty in your hand Hair styling 'putty' that styles and adds scented colour to the hair is being launched into the Jerome Russell range.

    Colour Shot Putty has a wash- out formula and provides medium hold strength. There are four vibrant shades, each with a different fragrance - Shocking Pink bubblegum , Red Rebellion watermelon , Purple Mania wild berries and Blue Behaviour blueberries. Promotional offers and transfer orders online CoMedis. Pepcidtwo is indicated for the short-term symptomatic relief of heartburn, indigestion, acid indigestion and hyperacidity Legal Status: Corn Wrap is a toe sleeve that fits completely around the toe for a snug and comfortable fit and can be stretched to fit any toe.

    The gel-lined wrap relieves pressure on the skin, minimising the pain caused by corns. The mineral oil in the polymer gel moisturises the skin, helping to soften calloused feet. Toe Spreader provides relief from painful bunions, sore toes and corns between the toes.

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    Antistatic comb targets head lice An antistatic lice comb is the latest addition to the Xterminett range of head lice combs. The Xterminator comb has a carbon fibre body with antistatic properties and fine polished metal pins which will not damage the hair. Made in the UK, the comb features an angled head and easy grip handle to make combing slippery hair easier when coated in conditioner.

    The blue comb comes on a bright yellow card and is displayed in an eye-catching blue box. Druggist [Marketwatch] Aquafresh Mouth Whoosh for kids jlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare is launching a fun mouthwash designed to appeal to children aged six to Aquafresh Mouth Whoosh is an antibacterial, alcohol-free, fluoride mouthwash designed to give added reassurance to parents by seating additional protection after jrushing.

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    Frontshop Brylcreem and the Barnet Sutra A humorous new advertising campaign for Brylcreem Reshaper will appear in leading men's magazines in November and December. The hero is a plastercine figure created with the help of Aardman Studios, creators of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run. The campaign shows the figure as he embarks upon his own personal take on the Karma Sutra - the 'Barnet Sutra'. The experimental and intimate exploits of the hero and his plastercine girlfriend result in his carefully styled hair being messed up.

    Thanks to Brylcreem Reshaper, he can remould and restyle his hair at every opportunity. And what have you got? The perfect formula for flexibility! A synergistic combination of Glucosamine and Chondroitin with natural turmeric all to help maintain joint mobility. You'll find our high-potency formulation really kicking!

    Thisweek UniChemConference Perception is reality' is a theme that ran through the opening session of the UniChem Convention taking place in Dubai this week.

    A range of stakeholders told, delegates some home truths about how pharmacy is seen from the outside, as well as how pharmacists can contribute to the future health of the population Don't assume you will have a role as of right Many of the services that could be provided by pharmacists and their staff could also be done by others, a leading PCT spokesman has warned.

    Do not therefore assume that it is yours as of right," Chris Town, chief executive of the Greater Peterborough PCTs, who is also the lead negotiator for the NHS management side in the current pharmacy contract negotiations, told delegates. We, in the contract negotiating team, have been anxious to ensure that, as the new contract rolls out, there are people with adequate skills within each PCT, and, to me, it is essential that as part of the team there is a qualified community pharmacist who understands the rules.

    To do this "we do need urgently to change the supervision rules and allow an expanded role for technicians. This has been done for many years with hospitals but] I think community pharmacy is well off the pace on this one, although I recognise that the current regulations are, to say the least, unhelpful.

    He was supportive of pharmacy's position on the OFT control of entry report, saying: The revision of the control of entry regulations will require great sensitivity, and must build on the highly constructive agreements previouslv reached between PSNC, the GPCand the Department of I lealth. Referring to the similarities between the new GP contract and the proposed framework for the new pharmacy contract, he said that he would prefer in the interests of equity that many of the additional services were negotiated nationally rather than locally, and added: Get out of dispensary, urge patients No longer can pharmacists be remote figures who stand at the back of the dispensing area never talking to the people they are dispensing for.

    Instead, pharmacists should be happy to talk to patients, to explain things and answer questions. Setting out his association's opposition to the control of entry report, Mr Stone felt things should remain pretty much as they are. While acknow ledging that il is difficult to be "everything to everyone", he said it was useful to find out whether what is being offered is yvhat the public wants. You will find the feedback both interesting and informative," he advised. Opening times are important, but so are the services you have to offer.

    There is also the view that we need to raise our game in terms of premises' layout and design and, in particular, through the provision of appropriate consultation areas.

    We also need to move toward a more patient-focused service. UniChem's own Portfolio sy stem of value added initiatives will mean that UniChem will be able to focus on commercial training in such areas as staff development, people management, health and safety and retail development. As a result, Moss now provides 1 5 of Scotland's 18 prisons with a pharmaceutical offering that includes clinical and professional services on top of the supply function.

    Such has been IVloss's impact that its three-year contract with the SPS was extended by a further two years last November. What the SPS wanted was a standardised service to replace the 'mish-mash' of locally negotiated services, says Pamela McGowan, Moss's prison contract manager.

    As well as improving the quality of pharmacy services, Moss can now provide the SPS with a breakdown of all the medicines dispensed according to BNF categories. Prior to Moss's service, nurses were responsible for dispensing, a far from ideal situation, adds Pamela. Alter winning the contract, Moss began pharmacy services in one prison and within the next three months enrolled further prisons at the rate of up to two per week.

    As well as a dispensing service, Moss set about establishing a range of clinical and professional services in line with the prison authority's objectives of trying o educate and empow er inmates so that they can cope when they return to the community, says Pamela.

    A large, purpose- built dispensary based at UniChem's Livingston depot is the nerve-centre for Moss's prison service operation. Led by dispensary manager Kirstie I lepburn, the staff - one full-time and three part-time pharmacists plus six full-time and one-part time pharmacy technicians - dispense both acute and repeat medication for all the prisons.

    The dispensary runs with clockwork efficiency, as the workload is mind-boggling. It serves a population of 6, prisoners and medication is dispensed weekly. At prisons such as Glenochil, up to 60 per cent of prisoners are on regular medication.

    Daily prescription requests feed into the dispensary via fax servers, and UniChem delivers all requests received in the morning to the prisons that day. When UniChem's deliver drivers firs arrived in their green polo shirts, they found their uniform matched that of th prisoners, and they had to change quickly lest the prison staff thought j they were escapees.

    The dispensary positively hums with activity and is open from 8. An out-of-hours package via pager service allows prison staff to get health advice as well as request emergency medication supplies.

    Although prisoners an encouraged to take control of ordering their medicines - as it improves compliance and self-esteem - medicin such as CDs, benzodiazepines, analgesics and antipsychotics are 32 4 October Chemist -. Druggist pharmacy practice supplied by the prison staff under supervision. The aim is to prevent prisoners from being bullied and having their medication stolen; particularly those drugs with overdose potential.

    Also, liquid medicines are only supplied in plastic bottles, while tablets are placed in clear plastic bags without patient information leaflets. This prevents prisoners from 'developing 1 side effects and abusing the healthcare system, says James Tay lor, healthcare manager at HM Glenochil Prison. If you arc locked up for extended periods, suggests James, boredom sets in and you inevitably find some way to wind up the system.

    But pharmacists are on liand, however, to counsel patients about side effects when they receive the medicines for the first time, say s James, and posters are put up telling prisoners that they can request patient information leaflets at any time. Reassuringly, those who do request PILs do not abuse the system. Overall, the aim is to empower and educate prisoners, says Kirstie, by moving away from a model w here prisoners are supervised and towards an ideal where they can order their own medication.

    Not only do iprisoners tend to come from the lowest social class, they are also more likely to have asthma, diabetes, pain, and addiction. The variety of health clinics run in Glenochil reflects the needs of the prison population. Currently there are 12 clinics on offer: Some of these involve up to inmates - Glenochil's entire population. Twelve nurses help to run the clinics, including four mental health nurses and an addiction specialist. Patricia McAleer is one of Moss's three peripatetic pharmacists that provide the extended pharmacy services in the prisons.

    She visits all 16 prisons at least once each month but if there are ipecific health programmes to be mdertaken, she visits weekly.

    Along with Moss's two other peripatetic pharmacists - Karen Rowell md Alison Gillanders - Patricia runs linics in health promotion and smoking cessation, as well as answering prisoner's medical queries, liaising with other healthcare stalf, and providing emergency medical stocks, such as antibiotics, insulin and depot antipsychotics.

    Following a pilot scheme run in 1 1M Young Offenders Institute Polmont two years ago, there was a "huge demand" to develop it further, says Kirstie. The remit was to look at smoking cessation in young people and Polmont was one of eight projects chosen. The three- vear pilot, currently in its second year, consists of a week programme with group and individual support backed by a smoking co-ordinator.

    Results to date have been excellent, says Kirstie. Part of this success is because participants could be considered a 'captive audience'. Prisoners taking part in the clinic also contribute to a review group. The level of commitment has been "fantastic.

    Other successes have been an intervention scheme and a drop-in clinic. The drop-in clinic, says Patricia, began as a result of "people learning w ho I w as and stopping me w herever they met me. It quickly became apparent there was a need for pharmaceutical care and we decided to adopt an 'individualised healthcare approach' to reflect the community pharmacy approach, whereby pharmacists issue medicines and counsel patients at the same time.

    I lelen I lilton, Glenochil's mental health team clinical manager, says she expressed trepidation w hen Moss began but that she now welcomes the input. She says Moss's role is vital as there are three things, which if not delivered on time, can take the "lid off the jail" and these are visits, food and medication. As for xVloss's pharmacy team, Patricia says that she would now find it difficult to go back to working in a branch.

    Pamela savs the hard work has been worthwhile, while Kirstie says the most rewarding part is being part of a team of pharmacists. Copy date noon Tuesday prior to Saturday publication. Cancellation deadline 10am Friday; one week prior to insertion date. All cancellations must be in writing. Telephone 01 , Fax: You can do this by visiting www. Are you paying too much for poor advice or service?

    Are you treated with indifference? If your answers to these questions are mainly YES, you need our services urgently. Jay www. We employ around 5, staff and offer an excellent range of staff amenities. The Trust provides a comprehensive range of general acute hospital services from two main district general hospitals, the Conquest Hospital in Hastings and the District General Hospital in Eastbourne.

    The pharmacy provides services to the Trustsacute beds and to other healthcare locations throughout East Sussex. The department is clinically orientated and progressive in outlook, with developing services. Modern accommodation is available on-site with associated hospital social facilities. Flexible working patterns are well established, so applications from job-sharers are welcome.

    EAS EL Discretionary points awarded for Accredited Checking and Medication Management We are looking for an enthusiastic self-motivated qualified technician to join our friendly technician led dispensary. Our team of technicians provides a range of dispensary and ward based services including the medicine management scheme.

    You will be encouraged to undertake regional Accreditation Schemes to extend your role according to the strategy for the development for pharmacy technicians.

    Previous experience, although desirable, is not essential, as full training in every aspect of the post will be given. Newly qualified technicians and those without hospital experience are welcome to apply. For further information or an informal discussion, please contact Ruth Chatterley Principal Technician or Elizabeth Norman Senior Technician on ext.

    Tel quoting the reference number. The Trust is committed to equality of opportunity. Excellent salary plus travel expenses or company car offered. M Shillam Or Druggist Classified "Aiming to provide the highest quality education and training services for pharmacy support staff" Dispenser required for Dispensing Doctor's Practice.

    Full or Part Time. Telephone or write to: For further details contact: Andrew Armitage or E-mail: Call Tony Hough on ext , or mobile All enquiries treated in strictest confidence.

    Surrey CR7 7EQ email: Please do not hesitate to contact: Sovereign Trading Co, P. Offers invited Please Contact Sellers-Commision free pharmacy business sales-buyers waiting! Buyers-For just 31 p per day you can enjoy all the benefits. Druggist 4 October Classifiedads Products and se www. Easy to apply Safe and quick acting Contains Lidocaine 9.

    Setting up accountancy systems. Cashflows, budgets, management accounts End of year accounts Advice on all book keeping, VAT and payroll issues. Our Tax Solutions include: Commitment to minimizing your tax bills.

    Conversion of sole traders and partnerships to limited companies. Offshore tax planning, including domicile and trusts. Increase your gross profit. Structure your borrowings, cost effectively. Benchmark your business against other pharmacies. For more information, please visit: Leading Tax Consultants and Accountants for Pharmacists.

    Druggist 4 October 37 [Backissues, UniChem has appointed Amanda Butler as its first ever human resources director. Amanda joins from DFDS and among her new responsibilities will be to ensure "that the 'people 1 side of the business is considered at the most senior level - the UniChem Board". Helen has 1 1 years' experience in sales and marketing, hav ing previously worked for 3M UK. Beatson Clark has appointed Doug Parton as its news business development manager with responsibility for all UK and export sales within Beatson Clark's distributor and wholesale department.

    William Ransom has two new non-executive directors. He has also been a director of Hambros Hank, where he was head of corporate finance. Mr Mann was formerly director of business development for Weston Medical Group. A la recherche du temps perdu In remembrance of times past, a reunion took place last month ahead of the BPC.

    It was the 10th anniversary of BPC '93 which was held in the hazy fin de siecle days in Reading. That was one of the last British Pharmaceutical Conferences organised by a local committee which, in addition to arranging all the university accommodation for the conference sessions, also arranged a programme of excursions, sports competitions and a choice of evening social events "to suit all tastes". Since then, the committee has continued to meet socially and felt like commemorating its decade of entente cordiale by dining in style at the famous Laperouse restaurant in Paris.

    Founded in and frequented by literary giants such as 1 lugo and Zola, the restaurant is the onh one in Paris that still boasts small private rooms "in which one can eat and satisfy w hatever other appetite one has". Well that's what celebrant diner old us "The committee report that they did indeed have a private room and a very enjoyable evening.

    Sporting blazers and BPC boaters on the steps of the much to the amusement of passing Parisians are the members of the organising committee for the Reading BPC of There you are, a liberal government anc decriminalising cannabis so it car be used as a medicine and w hat c you get? Well, that seems to be the case in Canada where the federal heal department has allowed marijuar to be sold since July to alleviate tl symptoms of conditions such as AIDS and cancer.

    But there is a backlash from the patients who s the regulation government spliff is "disgusting". Seeking a refund, one user was quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying "It's totally unsuitable for human consumption. This meant that smuggling in the back of the car from Vancouver down to Seattle - a bit like the booze crui between Calais and Dover - was curtailed.

    It's amazing that the province was still able to functior what with all that grass being offloaded at knockdown prices. All Greek to me "I am used to letters from government bodies being 'all Greek to me' but this takes the biscuit. Does this mean that as compulsory CPD approaches I have to learn a new foreign language? No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or any information storage or retrieval system without the express ifcTfceni f.

    Origination by TSS Digital. Printed by Headley Brothers Ltd. Today its mullioned windows, ivy clad walls and oak-panelled Great I lall create a stunning back-drop to a modern hotel. The quaint market town of Marlborough is just 10 minutes away and the cities of Salisbury and Oxford are nearby, as are Blenheim Palace the birth place of Sir Winston Churchill and Stonehenge. The hall and its magnificent grounds both enjoy Grade I listed status.

    This part of the country is steeped in local history - Sherwood Forest is right on the doorstep you must visit the excellent Sherwood Visitors Centre and Hardwick I lall and Chatsworth House are within 45 minutes' drive. Holme Lacy House enjoys an idyllic parkland setting with a tranquil lake close to Ross-on- Wye.

    The elegant facade of this Grade I listed country house evokes times gone by - you could be forgiven for thinking you'd stepped into the pages of a Jane Austen novel. The nearby beautiful city of Hereford has an impressive 11th Century cathedral and other local places of interest include Kastnor Castle and 1 Iampton Court Gardens in I -eominster.

    A Name Pharmacy address Signature Send your entry to: Strefen is clinically proven to reduce the symptoms associated with inflamed sore throats, providing rapid relief that lasts for up to 3 hours.

    They are the only lozenges to contain an NSAID flurbiprofen and have been shown to be well tolerated. You can then use your web browser's print functions to print the whole report or just selected pages. You may also email or post a link to this report using the web address above. Non-members using the link will see a free summary and can join to view the full report. Other means of copying or distributing this report, in part or full, are not permitted.

    If you are sight-impaired and your computer is having trouble converting the text in this report to speech, contact us for assistance at Membership ConsumerLab. Make sure the CBD you use passed our tests and is right for you!

    Isn't your health worth it? CBD cannabidiol has become popular despite the fact that the FDA has stated it cannot legally be sold as a supplement. There is preliminary evidence that it can help reduce seizures, and may help for anxiety and insomnia.

    Exogen Complete Choice CBD Tincture (500mg)

    Buy Peak Hemp – Full Spectrum Oil Hemp Extract 6, mg – (4 Pack) Exogen Complete Choice CBD Tincture is a superb every day use product Each bottle comprises mg of Complete Choice CBD is mixed with. 4 Their two-way stretch construction ensures complete freedor of movement. .. ( ^VEUTA The First Choice The UK's leading healthcare partnership MAX There you are, a liberal government anc decriminalising cannabis so it car be used as Arnica Flowers (Rusco Pharms) tincture 1 00ml Arrowroot (Rusco. Top quality CBD hemp oil products from the industry leading CBD manufacturer and suppliers of high-end CBD hemp oil products.

    Join us for our upcoming medical marijuana conference!



    Buy Peak Hemp – Full Spectrum Oil Hemp Extract 6, mg – (4 Pack) Exogen Complete Choice CBD Tincture is a superb every day use product Each bottle comprises mg of Complete Choice CBD is mixed with.


    4 Their two-way stretch construction ensures complete freedor of movement. .. ( ^VEUTA The First Choice The UK's leading healthcare partnership MAX There you are, a liberal government anc decriminalising cannabis so it car be used as Arnica Flowers (Rusco Pharms) tincture 1 00ml Arrowroot (Rusco.


    Top quality CBD hemp oil products from the industry leading CBD manufacturer and suppliers of high-end CBD hemp oil products.


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